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New message By: Fredric Rice To: All Re: Church of $cientology St: Local ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @MSGID: 1:102/890.666@FidoNet 830c43b1 @PID: FM 2.02 I have all the facts and information on the $cientology cult on my system. For a list of the files on the cult, request the magic file name COS. For a list of all files, request the magic file name FILES. These files about the COS have been censored by myself to exclude anything which might questionably be considered copywritten material quoted outside of the "Fair Use" legal finding afforded to those who report on such stuff. As such much of the mythologies you may have heard about can not be found on The Skeptic Tank; only a sentence or two extracted from the Internet alt.religion.scientology forum have been kept and made available. (If you wish a copy of the religion's mythologies, check out the alt-religion.scientology forum on Internet.) Those mythologies which were entered into the public record as a matter of legal proceedings against the cult have also been censored from my system. __ The church of $cientology schedules a follower to |__|__ check-out and sit with public court documents each __| | morning so that no one else can photocopy them. If you don't have access to Internet or you don't have time to read through the heavy traffic in the forum, I have extracted the choice bits and made them available as SCI*.TXT, with * numbering from 000 to 312 for now (more will be added as an on-going project.) These SCI*.TXT files contain newspaper articles and court affidavits as well as discussions about pickets which take place against the $cientology cult. Of heavy focus is the _criminal_ actions the cult engages in around the world which have cost the cult _hundreds_of_millions_ of U. S. Dollars in legal fees and lawsuits against them. Also included is information about a large reward being offered to anyone who can serve a high-ranking COS cult leader with process papers; process servers have been unable to find where he's hiding. Some of the court cases involving attempted murder and murder of critics of the cult date from the early 1970's. The court cases of 11 high-ranking COS members (which include inditements for all, including L. R. Hubbard's daughter and his wife) are included in the archives. __ Of particular interest to Internet and FidoNet users |__|__ is the law suits and death threats Internet providers __| | and Internet users have recieved for exposing the criminal activities detailed in the public record from passed and on-going court cases. Several raids which have been reported in newspapers and magazines around the world (Readers Digest, Time Magazine, and the Washington Post, to name just three of the _hundreds_ of articles published within the last three months about the cult) are described in the SCI*.TXT files. Sadly, only a small percentage of the newspaper and magazine articles describing the cult and its criminal activities are included in my archives.


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