By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Re: Coors Facing AFA Wrath COORS BREWING COMPANY NOW FACING A.

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By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Re: Coors Facing AFA Wrath COORS BREWING COMPANY NOW FACING A.F.A. WRATH by Conrad F. Goeringer The Coors Brewing Company -- a long-time underwriter for right-wing political and religious groups -- now faces the wrath of the evangelical American Family Association for being at the top of the organization's "Dirty Dozen" list. Based in Tupelo, Mississippi, A.F.A. describes itself as a "Christian organization promoting the Biblical ethic of decency in American society with primary emphasis on TV and other media." The group has called for boycotts and censorship in its battle against homosexuality, violence, profanity, and extra-marital sex. The "Dirty Dozen" includes corporate sponsors of organizations which A.F.A. claims sponsor programs with these themes. Other "Dozen" members include Sony, Hormel Foods, First Interstate Bancorp, Time Warner and Sara Lee. Although it leads the "Dirty Dozen" list, the Coors family and its firm have a long history of association with right wing Christian movements. Joe Coors was notorious for his battle against union representation for beer plant workers. In 1971, Coors joined with Bill Bright (founder of Campus Crusade for Christ) and strategist Paul Weyrich to form a political alliance. By 1974, the trio had established the Heritage Foundation and the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress. Heritage Foundation went on to become one of the most influential think tanks in America, providing support and research for Ronald Reagan and, later, George Bush. The Committee was established to select and fund candidates in Congressional races who represented right-wing evangelical sentiments, particularly on issues such as abortion and Gay rights. Holly Coors was active in funding Pat Robertson's 700 Club and the Christian Broadcasting Network. She served on the board of CBN University as well. And Coors was a major backer in Bill Bright's "Here's Life, America" campaign, an attempt to proselytize Christianity on college campuses in the tumultuous 1970s. A variety of popular programs have attracted the criticism of A.F.A., especially those appearing on the Fox Network, such as "Married With Children" and "The Simpsons" (a target of George Bush in his "family values" theme). The "Dirty Dozen" and other offenders are selected on the basis of counts which tally incidents of sex, violence and profanity on an hourly basis during prime time. The monitoring report which found Coors at the top of the list covered the period of October 16 to November 12 of last year. A.F.A. bluenoses tabulated 8.5 incidents of violence each hour, 14.15 sex encounters, and 22.93 uses of profanity. "A total of 91 percent of all sex was depicted outside marriage," said A.F.A. Imagine that. And it's not even counting the soaps. --30--


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