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* Area : ALT.CHRISTNET.SECOND-COMING.REAL-SOON-NOW (IT COULD HAPPEN.) * From :, 1:12/98.1 (Friday August 18 1995 18:17) * Subj : Your Abusive FOUL LANGUAGE It has come to the attention of the Great Senator EXON that some individuals have been using foul language in the newsgroups. Due to complaints from some of the more easily offended Propeller heads, this conduct will not be tolerated. The Senator and other lowlife asslicking politicians do however, realize the importance of each person being able to properly express their feelings when communicating with other net denzians Therefore, The Senator along with some help from his favorite special interest group [THE CHRISTIAN COALITATION ] has compiled the following code phrases, so that the proper exchange of ideas and information can continue OLD PHRASES NEW PHRASES No fucking way I'm not certain thats feasible your shitting me Really? Tell someone who gives a fuck Perhaps you should check with.. Ask me if i give a fuck of course im concerned. it's not my fucking problem i wasnt involved. What the fuck interesting behavior. Who the fuck cares are you sure its a problem? Eat Shit You dont say. Eat Shit and Die Excuse me? Eat Shit and Die Motherfucker Excuse me, sir? Shove it up your ass I dont think you understand. Blow Me I see. Fuck you How nice, how very nice ******************************************************* IT'S BETTER TO DIE ON YOUR FEET THAN LIVE ON YOUR KNEES *******************************************************


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