By: Doug Pasnak Re: Homeopathy Quackery Hail, All. Picked up a free magazine printed in Ca

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By: Doug Pasnak Re: Homeopathy Quackery Hail, All. Picked up a free magazine printed in Calgary AB titled FFWD (FastForward, I guess). It's a "New's and Entertainment Weekly". Ordinairily it's good for city info but the Mar 7-13 edition had something special. The article was entitled _The Needle and the Damage Done_ The cover byline stated "If drugs are so bad then why are you giving them to your kids? The growing concern over immunization." Inside the article is titled "Immunization: a loaded gun? Questioning the safety of vaccinating our children." The article makes several claims. In no particular order they are: "In 1990 WHO (World Health Organisation) doctors working in Africa admitted that for all of the time, energy, and money spent on immunization in the Third World, the money would be better put towards raising hygiene and diet standards, as it was these factors that had a larger effect on the general resistance to the childhood diseases." I have no problem with this. It certainly would increase the overall health if living conditions were improved. You would still need to vaccinate though. However: "WHO also reported that in a group of 20 unimmunized susceptible children, the rate of measles was 2.2 %, opposing a 33.2% rate in the same number of immunized children" I read the WHO's Status of the World's Children reports from 1990 and 1991, and measles usually kills in combination with pneumonia and other lung infections. If this supposed statistic (she prints no references) were even partially correct, best case scenario would have deaths due to measles and related/combined diseases showing a marked increase, like say...double or triple? Guess what? Steady decline in death rates as immunization coverage spreads. Also, 20 kids is hardly a study of any value. Then it gets a little strange... The [???] are to call attention to weirdness. "The best way for the immune system to develop, is by practice. It cannot practice if it is suppressed." "Many experts [none are named] agree that childhood diseases are a necessary part in the development of the immune system. It needs to be allowed to evolve and mature, unfettered, without the effects of suppressive drugs [???], bad diet, and vaccination. It does not need toxic substances like mercury, aluminum, and cow's pus (all constituents in vaccine matter) [?????]" " And what about vaccine damaged children? Facts in this area are either being suppressed or econimised by the health community. Yet somehow information rises to the top, much like scum rising to the top of a polluted river. The vast [???] numbers of children that die, or become damaged is staggering. In the United States it has been concluded that DPT MMR shots cause a minimum of 1000 deaths diagnosed as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Authorities don't want to entertain the thought of vaccination being a possible concern, and about 12,000 cases of severe neurological damage." I guess the author considers partial paralysis (polio) and death (tuberculosis) as "strengthening" the system. Alrighty. The idea behind vaccinations is to expose children to dead or weakened disease organisms so a child's system can develop useful antibodies, correct? (tell me if I'm wrong) Now... does this not constitute "practice"? What about immunization programs "suppresses" the immune system? Is it not in fact stimulating the system? Also note that 12000 thousand deaths is considered "staggering", although no references are given as to the time span, type of disease, ages of children...nothing. Before immunization programs and vaccines, it is estimated that 13000 *children* died *every day* prior to 1970. 5 million a year based on the WHO reports I *could* find. No indication whatsoever that any study shows adverse effects. As the author provides no references, I seriously question her numbers, and her scholarship. Unfair of me? I've saved the best for last. This appears earlier in the article, and I almost decided to toss the whole magizine right there. "The whole of western or modern medicine is based on Pasteur's Germ Theory, which pastulates that a specific organism causes a specific disease, and a specific vaccination gives protection. This is an utter falsehood. We know that vaccines are not 100% effective, and that it is susceptibility that plays the major role as to wether or not a specific organismcan proliferate in any given individual.(It is also interesting to note that Pasteur reneged on his germ theory on his death bed, admitting he was wrong)." I'll let that sink in. It was as much as suprise to me as anyone to find that one of the most important theories in medical history is a "falsehood", especially because Pasteur " reneged on his germ theory on his death bed". Sound familiar? According to Creationists, Darwin did the same thing. Here is the clincher. The article was written by Cathy Marricks,LCH [??],who, it is stated "studied and graduated from the College of Homeopathy in London, England. She now runs a practice in Calgary and is a mother of four." Boy do I feel safer. The whole "alternative medicine" circus is getting serious airtime here in Alberta due to the spending cuts, and the distrust and worry is the perfect breeding ground for quackery. I am writing a letter to address the nonsense printed, but it is very hard to be civil at all to someone who would fabricate nonsense about verified scientific theories while all they have to offer is "like cures like". Douglas. ___ * Freddie 1.2.5 * The first full-featured QWK reader for the Mac. --- Maximus 3.01 * Origin: The Keyboard BBS [Calgary, Alberta 403-229-4858] (1:134/67)


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