Forwarded message: Date: 96-04-09 04:39:58 EDT BEIJING, April 9 (Reuter) - Chinese Communi

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--------------------- Forwarded message: From: Date: 96-04-09 04:39:58 EDT BEIJING, April 9 (Reuter) - Chinese Communist Party officials who put aside their revolutionary zeal to pay respects to Buddha are abusing their positions and angering the people, the Workers' Daily said on Tuesday. A survey in southeastern Fujian province during China's lunar new year in February found scores of cars used by officials parked near mountain temples as cadres prostrated themselves before Buddhist images within, the newspaper said in an editorial. ``This is a kind of corrupt phenomenon,'' the editorial said. ``This is an expression of loss of faith in Marxism.'' It said officials of the atheist Communist Party who abused their authority by using official cars to take part in superstitious practices had filled ordinary people with righteous indignation. In what appeared an attempt to shame Fujian officials into action, the newspaper gave the registration numbers of more than 20 cars parked near the temples. The editorial was the Workers' Daily's second in two days to blast wayward officials for ideological weakness. The editorials appear to be part of a campaign to strengthen public morals and buttress the leading role of China's Communist Party. Many Chinese say the party has lost much of its authority as cadres rush to enrich themselves in the newly liberalised economy and join the resurgence of interest in religion. ^REUTER@


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