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By: R. Murray-o'hair Re: CO School/Creationism COLORADO SCHOOL CHARGED WITH TEACHING CREATIONISM School Also Wanted to Fire Teachers for Extramarital Sex by Conrad Goeringer A Northglenn, Colorado, school faces allegations that teachers at the Academy of Charter Schools provided students with material which teaches religion, specifically the doctrine of "creationism." The parent has asked to not be identified for fear that her child would be harassed, a common occurrence when First Amendment violations are challenged in public school systems. Creationism is a religious doctrine which teaches that a god created the universe and all life as depicted in the biblical accounts. Creationism argues that the earth is relatively young; it differs from the scientific theory of evolution that says humans and other living entities evolved over time from simpler life forms. Creationists often look for alleged discrepancies in evolutionary theory, but the doctrine ultimately rests on a literal interpretation of biblical lore. A district school board president says that she was "appalled" at the creationist materials, and the school managed insisted that religion is not part of the curriculum. The materials in question were apparently not part of the approved supplementary course readings; allegedly, the teacher who used the creationist hand out told the students to "ignore" references to a god. Excerpts from the materials were published recently by the Rocky Mountain News. One text advanced the suggestion that weather was controlled by god. "God designed winds to carry excess heat away from the tropical regions and toward the poles. According to the wise plan of the Creator, this transfer of heat not only balance [sic] out the uneven distribution of the sun's warmth on the Earth, but it also produces the clouds and system of weather that water Earth." Another text instructed students to reject evolutionary scenarios in favor of biblical literalism. Titled "Composition: Creativity and Craftsmanship," it warned "LOOK CLOSELY -- Careful students are always on the alert for expressions like 'millions of years ago' and others which show the writer believes the false idea that life on earth just happened to evolve over a period of millions and millions of years. Even some writers for encyclopedias have been fooled by these thoughts because they do not accept what the Bible says..." Students were admonished to " articles which are evolutionary, compare Them to what the Bible says and find the real truth. Then write the truth, not just what the encyclopedia says." School board members have called for an investigation into the charges; if they prove true, members say they will call for the charter to be revoked. Academy has had trouble maintaining its license before. In December, the charter was revoked after finding that a number of state and federal regulations had been violated. And negotiations between the school and the educational boards broke down last week, because Academy wanted to include a proviso in the teachers' contract that would fire instructors if there was "evidence of sexual behavior outside holy wedlock or legal matrimony." --30--


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