(19) Sat 24 Jun 95 15:46 By: Alan Jennings To: All Re: Church of Elvis Demands Equal Time

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(19) Sat 24 Jun 95 15:46 By: Alan Jennings To: All Re: Church of Elvis Demands Equal Time St: 24> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @EID:5883 1ed87dc0 @MSGID: 1:3800/6 578f643d @PID: QE 2.75+ & FM 2.02 CHURCH OF ELVIS DEMANDS EQUAL TIME The founders of The Church of Elvis have demanded a mandate to require that at any public event held on public property in Baton Rouge Louisiana where invocations are inflicted by members of the Great American Christian Jihad, that an equal amount of time be allowed for an invocation proffered by the followers of the teachings of St. Elvis Aron Presley. The Louisiana Legislature recently passed legislation allowing voluntary student led prayer in public schools. Church officials hailed this legislation believing it would finally afford them the opportunity to reach high-school students who are ripe for worship of the flesh. Fundamentalist Christian interests are expected to decry this move as an unacceptable application of the fairness doctrine. Church of Elvis officials are confident that if any persons shall be required to submit to the orations of worshipers of a dead man named Jesus, that others can sit quietly and consider the orations of worshipers of a living lord like Elvis. Members of the Church of Elvis have many feast days in the church, and celebrate the life of their King. The church promotes Freedom, Food, and Sexuality as its trinity. Many of the members have been worshiping in secret, and are happy that the law is now opening doors for them to share their belief openly. Many of them are believed to be on the rolls of protestant churches only for social reasons, knowing the truth and worshiping the Lord Elvis privately. As was written in the book of Elvis, "I am but a HunkaHunka burnin' love" and "Don't be Cruel" Such beatitudes are celebrated by faithful followers of Elvis who are beginning to assert themselves and their right to public professions of faith now that the Fundamentalist Christians have demanded that the government become a Christian Theocracy. Elvisites report that they "think that may be good, but if we go to a Theocracy, we need to afford free drugs, sex, and rock-n-roll to all, including the poor and destitute, and the rich and stuck-up." Officials of the Church of Elvis were not available for comment. The Archbishop's butler said he was at the beach with Elvis today considering whether to accept a nomination for the presidency. When asked what he thought of the mandate, he said, "It is good. Praise Elvis!" --- * Origin: The Holy Cloakroom - Online Ordination - (504)927-4509 (1:3800/6) SEEN-BY: 102/2 850 851 890 943 270/101 280/1 31 333 396/1 3615/50 @PATH: 3800/6 1 124/5125 1 396/1 280/1 102/2 851


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