DARWIN'S OUTCASTS Character Sheet LAIKA: A Wolf. A rock in the middle of insanity, she is

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DARWIN'S OUTCASTS Character Sheet LAIKA: A Wolf. A rock in the middle of insanity, she is the classic straight man, and sometime catalyst for more lunacy. Level-headed and intelligent, she tries to cut through confusion with logic and reason, but she's not always successful at it. ROWAN: Another Wolf. Laika's mate, but he doesn't quite have her stability. A consummate skeptic. He also suffers from mood swings at times, but is still basically a good bloke. He can also be a bit reactionary as well, providing contrast to Laika's calmer personality. TOBIT: A Raccoon. The animal world's first shaman. Of course, since he is first, he generally has to make things up as he goes along. Tries to bring spirituality and an incipient morality into a basically apathetic group, but is generally well- respected, even when his views conflict with those of the others. LEPTON: A Fox. A would-be inventor with no real skills of his own. He is very clever, to a fault. He has strange ideas on how the world around him works, due to odd interpretations of observations. He has a fierce determination to bring his community roaring into the Stone Age, whether they want to or not. BANFF: A Bear. The consummate fall-guy. A common bloke, with no interest or curiosity in anything whatsoever except getting his next meal. This makes him very malleable to the suggestions of others. He's not very bright, and can be dangerous when aroused enough, but usually can't tell when he's been had, or when he's being used. ALso featuring a full cast of Former Republican Mascots, Hopelessly Lost Exotics, Quarreling Frogs and Beavers, and all manner of Beasts, all searching for the same Thing: A Clue. Lawyer stuff: COPYRIGHT 1994,1995 by S. Armstrong. All Rights Reserved.


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