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(380) Thu 22 Jun 95 15:40 By: DAVID RICE To: ALL Re: Clergy Abuse, appended St: 2087> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @EID:60cf 1ed67d00 @TID: FastEcho 1.41/g 10280 A few newspaper clippings from a list of many hundreds: Christian televangelist William Wasmus of Church of the Living Savior: had sex with children and video-taped it on church equipment. (Columbus, Ohio, 1994) Christian Pentacostal evangelist Mario Leyva: sodomized more than 100 little boys. (Columbus, Georga, 1990) Christian Chaplan assistant Steven Ritchie: raped a six-year-old girl. (Fort Lewis, Washington, 1990) Christian evangelist Dom McCary: sodomized four little boys. (Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1992) Christian Lutheran James Allen Weller: molested several children, some as young as ten years old. (Redwood, City, California, 1991) Christian decon Henry Meinholz: raping and suffocating to death a 13-year-old girl. (Kingston, Massachusetts, 1991) Christian Reverand Lloyd David of First Christian Fellowship: child pornography and sexual abuse of teen-age boys. (Waukegan, Illinois) Christian Reverand Virgil Carpenter of Bible Missionary Church: sodomized a nine-year-old girl. (Ontario, Oregon) Christian Presbyterian minister Bruce Brigden: molested 11 girls, some as young as four years old (Alva, Oklahoma) Christian Reverand Richard Jones of Family Life Church: molested boys and told them the Bible sanctioned the abuse (Park Hills, Missouri, 1994) Christian youth minister Keith Geren of Wayside Baptist Church: child molestation. (Miami, Florida, 1994) Christian Fundamentalist school operator Reverand Duane Smith: molesting children (Laporte, Indiana, 1992) Christian Mormon Sunday-school teacher John Midgett: molesting 8 girls, some only five years old. (California) Christian Reverand Jon Walker of Springfield Baptist Church: molested a 13 year old girl (California). Christian Reverand James Randazzo of Spiral of Friends Church: drug use and child molestation (Molina, Colorado, 1989, brough to justice in 1992). Christian minister and evangelist Tony Alamo reciently went to prison for tax evasion. During his trial it was discovered that he had "married" two fifteen-year-old children and was abusing them. That's just a small sample from a vast collection. Missing from the above are the killings, maimings, and assorted inhuman atrocities Christians have inflicted upon American citizens in the past five years. Also missing are the tens of hundreds of Christian Catholic priests convicted of molesting children. Take note: the above are not mear alligations or hearsay: they are CRIMINAL TRIALS THAT RESULTED IN CONVICTIONS. Clearly, their occult beliefs in Jesus didn't prevent them from abusing innocent, helpless children. ... "Cleansing a chosen group ... that is sin?" -- Phil Morrison * Shy.David@EdenBBS.com --- Silver Xpress Mail System 5.3H1G * Origin: "And furthermore, 'Don't call me brother.'" (1:124/9005) SEEN-BY: 102/2 138 435 850 851 861 890 943 1326 147/7 270/101 280/1 9 25 31 SEEN-BY: 280/45 53 115 135 333 378 398 290/627 396/1 3615/50 @PATH: 124/9005 1 396/1 280/1 102/2 851


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