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(4809) Sun 13 Aug 95 17:31 By: Ken Stuckas To: All Re: Sins of the church St: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @EID:c4b1 1f0d8be0 @MSGID: 1:112/129@fidonet.org e6df0731 The local Bethesda Christian Cathedral founded in 1977 by Dan Drake, Sr., was ordered to pay $925,000 compensation in a civil trial for the seduction of a 15-year old choir member in 1993 by one of its two associate pastors, Danny Drake, the 43-year old son of the Pastor who is served one year in jail after pleading guilty to two counts of sexual battery. Drake had been accused of having sex with several women in the church, according to the Florida Times-Union article. When two husbands went to complain to the Pastor about his son, one was told "If you'd been doing your job as a husband this wouldn't have happened," and the Pastor counselled the other with a similar complaint, saying. "It takes two to tango." The 2700-seat sanctuary was down to 100 congregants as of May of this year. The church is $2.2-million in debt. The Pastor is now retired on a $39,000 a year pension and his two sons who were the associate pastors are presumably looking for work elsewhere. The non-denominational church has risen. It is now under new leadership and has changed its name to the International Christian Center of Jacksonville. ... Onward Christian soldiers... --- Blue Wave/QWK v2.10 --- QScan/PCB v1.17b / 01-0108 * Origin: Ruby's Joint BBS Jacksonville,Fl. 904.777.6799 (1:112/129) SEEN-BY: 102/2 138 435 752 835 890 943 1013 1326 147/7 270/101 280/1 9 10 25 SEEN-BY: 280/31 45 52 115 135 333 378 398 290/627 @PATH: 112/129 1 270/101 280/1 102/2 835 943


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