By: Albertus Magnus Re: New Yorker Bunny NEW YORK (Reuter) - A New Yorker magazine cover s

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By: Albertus Magnus Re: New Yorker Bunny NEW YORK (Reuter) - A New Yorker magazine cover showing the Easter Bunny being crucified against a background of tax forms has drawn fire from a Catholic group that accuses the weekly of insulting Christians. Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, said Monday the cover was in bad taste and indulged in ``cheap commercialism at the expense of Christians.'' ``For the New Yorker to lambaste conservatives for treating tax cuts as a sacred entity is one thing, but it is quite another to play fast and loose with Christian symbols,'' he said. ``The placement of a crucified Easter Bunny on an IRS tax form is insulting to Christians and it is particularly outrageous that this should occur at the start of Holy Week.'' But neither the magazine nor the artist who drew the picture, Art Spiegelman, offered any apologies, saying the picture was meant to symbolize how the Christian New Right has drafted the tax issue into its political agenda along with a crusade for prayer in the public schools and a campaign to ban abortions. ``The Christian right thinks we are being taxed to death and that the taxpayer is the martyr who has to pay for the sins of the welfare mother,'' Spiegelman, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his cartoon book ``Maus,'' told Reuters. He added, ``I am a taxpayer and I don't feel like a martyr.'' His cover showed a rabbit in a business suit with the pockets hanging out empty, its arms outstretched in a gesture of crucifiction against a background of tax forms. Good Friday falls on April 14 this year. The next day, April 15, is the deadline for Americans to file their income taxes.


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