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Reply to message 526 By: Speaker to Fundies To: All Re: Tithe: bribe the gods St: Local ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @MSGID: 1:102/890.666@FidoNet 570afee1 @REPLY: Fidonet#1:380/16 2fdae1f4 @PID: FM 2.02 MH> I'm NOT blaming communism. I'm blaming atheism. His blatant dishonesty is amazing. K> Besides, isn't Christianity a form of communism? hp> The early church exhibited such symptoms. Now it's more like hp> runaway capitalism -- everyone's got a product to sell. I was flipping channels and heard the word 'tithe.' I turned back to channel 20 and to a man dressed exceedingly well behind a big desk with a book opened on it. This Christian master was explaining how to 'properly' tithe and he was doing so as if explaining it to children, repeating the salient points over and over again. He wanted it clear that he and his fellow masters wanted 10% of _all_ their followers income, not just $20.00 a week. He then explained how if you make $100.00 a week you should send him $10.00 but if you make $500.00 a week, you shouldn't send in a set tithe of $20.00, you should send in $50.00. He waved his hand over the book on the table and claimed that his gods are "very clear on this matter." (My words.) 0-= I was amazed. I was utterly amazed that the civil and national authorities can't and won't do anything to stop such fraud -- because it's NOT considered fraud by the ignorant sheep and it's to the vast benefit of the ruleing class to keep the ignorant ignorant. The many "psychic hot lines" that are also sold on the television is no different than what death cultists sell on the television: the comfort of false truths -- always at a price.


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