By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: +quot;Terrorism at Home+quot; Menaces Kids +quot;TERRORISM AT

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By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: "Terrorism at Home" Menaces Kids "TERRORISM AT HOME" MENACES CHILDREN by Conrad F. Goeringer What kills far more kids in a single year than the Oklahoma City bombing? Or house fires? Or falls, drownings, even car accidents? Before President Clinton calls out the army and beefs up the FBI with another 1,000 agents, he might want to look at a report issued Wednesday (4/27) from the U.S. Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect, which reported that violence in the home leads to the deaths of more babies and young children than all of the above calamities. And dying at the hands of enraged parents is as much of a threat to kids, as gang-warfare and streetside gunfire is to teens. At least 2,000 children die every year because of abuse or neglect. Another 18,000 children are disabled, and 142,000 sustain serious physical injuries. The vast majority of the victims are age 4 or younger. Yet everyone from the Clinton administration to the churches is praising the role of the "nuclear family" in ending violence in the society. While there is some correlation between dysfunctional families and teen violence -- or the absence of a father -- most physical abuse fatalities against young children are committed by "men who are enraged or under extreme stress." Does 'Bible Discipline' Play a Role? Not stressed in the Board's report, but of growing concern to many is the rise in so-called "Bible discipline" which calls for physical punishment, isolation and religious regimentation directed against children or youngsters who "transgress." In fact, the majority of cases involving so-called "ritual child abuse" have been linked to fundamentalist sects. Authorities have been loathe to intervene in such cases, though, because of cries of "religious persecution." "Bible Discipline" is a popular topic in the fundamentalist lecture circuit, and religious bookstores carry a range of materials giving advice on the subject. --30--


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