What is Areafix, and How do I use it ? Areafix is a program used by host or hub systems in

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What is Areafix, and How do I use it ? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Areafix is a program used by host or hub systems in a network to let nodes change their configuration by themselves. By sending netmail to the program, using a specific format, you can connect or disconnect areas, change your compression format, request lists of areas you can connect to, and more. Now : the format of an areafix mesage. Fairly simple really. Address the message to Areafix at your hub's address. On the subject line, put your password (if any). All other commands go into the body of the message. Close the message with a tearline ( "---", no quotes ) to be safe. The commands you can put in the body of the message are : [+] Connect an area - Disconnect an area %HELP Request this message %LIST Request a list of areas available to you %QUERY Request a list of areas to which you are connected %UNLINKED Request a list of areas to which you are not connected %COMPRESSION Change the compression type %PASSWORD Change your AreaMgr password %PKTPWD Change your packet password %RESCAN Request a rescan of new added areas %ACTIVE Reconnect all temporary disconnected areas %PASSIVE Temporary disconnect all connected areas %NOTIFY Enable/disable notify messages %+* Connect all available areas %-* Disconnect all areas For example : From: John Doe, The NoName System (88:88/50) To: Areafix, Eternal Heaven BBS (88:88/0) Re: AREAFIXISCOOL St: Pvt -------------------------------------------------- +GENERAL %COMPRESSION ARJ -SUPPORT %LIST The above message would connect you to GENERAL, disconnect SUPPORT, plus change your compression to ARJ and provide a list of the echos you are allowed to connect to. When you write an areafix message, Areafix will reply back with an areafix receipt telling you what has been done. If you put the wrong password, you'll also be told. As you can see, there is also a %HELP message to tell you what commands are available. When you include this, areafix will send you back a message with the same help as you see above. If you are not sure about areafix, try it out by writing a message with %LIST and %HELP in it. This message will not change anything in your configuration, but it will help you get used to using Areafix. If you have any questions about this or anything else please contact your hub.


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