By: John Passaniti Re: Life In Our Anti-Christian America (I found the following on the In

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By: John Passaniti Re: Life In Our Anti-Christian America (I found the following on the Internet. I didn't write it. I'll provide a URL to those who want the original version. The next time a Christer laments that this is an anti-Christian nation, feel free to point out some of the following.) ----------------------------------------------------------------- I'm certainly glad this has finally been brought out into the open. The anti-Christian bias in our society has reached absurd proportions. Consider: 1. During the 1988 election campaign, George Bush said that Christians should not be considered patriots or real American citizens. 2. Bill Clinton steadfastly refuses to give any speeches at local churches. 3. Both major political parties are dominated by anti-Christians. The Republican party, for example, gave us such hard-core atheists as Pat Buchanan, Dan Quayle, Phyllis Schlafly and Ronald Reagan. And the Democrats have given us such personalities as the Rev. Martin Luther King and the Rev. Jesse Jackson-- both noted for their vicious attacks on all forms of Christianity. 4. Let's talk about the media. On Sunday mornings, nearly all major television channels broadcast pro-atheist shows; it is nearly impossible to find religious programming during that time period. Further, Madalyn Murray O'Hair has her own cable TV channel, while Pat Robertson has been unable to obtain one for himself. 5. Most major newspapers run a special weekly section devoted to atheism. There are no equivalent sections for religious news. 6. Anti-Christian shows such as the American Atheist Forum are broadcast by major national networks. Meanwhile, Billy Graham is only able to get on the air through public access TV, which is watched by few people. 7. On news programs and "reality" TV shows such as Rescue 911, nobody is ever shown giving thanks to God after surviving a disaster. 8. It is almost impossible to find a shopping mall with a Christian Armory book store, while Atheist Book Centers are featured prominently on every corner. 9. While atheists couples who marry rarely have any difficulty finding a place to do so, it is nearly impossible for Christian couples to find a church where they can marry. 10. For that matter, churches themselves are extremely rare, while atheist meeting centers can be found every few blocks. 11. Recently, several atheists have shot and killed Christian priests as they were going to work in their churches. Similarly, atheists are well known for blockading churches on Sunday mornings. 12. Nearly all of our elected public officials are atheists; they even have to swear on a copy of Darwin's "Origin of Species" in order to take office. 13. In a similar vein, jurors must take an oath upon a copy of the Skeptical Inquirer before they can serve. There have even been court cases thrown out because one of the jury members was a Christian who insisted on swearing on a Bible. 14. And of course, people are free to wear pentagram jewelry, but those trying to wear cross-shaped earrings or pendants to work will be politely told to remove the jewelry or lose their job. 15. Speaking of the workplace, Christians often find it nearly impossible to get time off work for religious holidays such as Christmas. 16. Even our language reflects the radical anti-Christian bias that pervades our society. For example, when somebody sneezes, most people say "Darwin bless you". Similarly, "Voltaire dammit!" is a common cussword. 17. All of our money has the atheistic slogan "We do not trust in God" printed on it. 18. In school, our children are made to recite the pledge, "One nation, anti-God, indivisible...." 19. One cannot rent a hotel room without finding a copy of Nietzsche's The Anti-Christ in the room. 20. Organizations such as the Boy Scouts deny membership to Christians. 21. In the military, it is nearly impossible to obtain Conscientious Objector status for religious reasons, even though those with philosophical reasons can obtain C.O. status relatively easily. 22. Christian churches are forced to pay exorbitant taxes. 23. You can't drive anywhere without seeing a Darwin fish or a "Jesus Was A Fraud" bumper sticker stuck to a car. 24. Georgia recently passed a new law requiring schools to have a "moment of noise" during which children are encouraged to degrade Christianity. 25. College campuses usually have dozens of atheist organizations, but few if any for Christians. 26. There are several well-known atheist campus preachers who lecture on college campuses on the virtues of atheism. 27. Also common on college campuses are groups of students handing out copies of Betrand Russell's "Why I Am Not A Christian"; some even force people who don't want these books to take them. 28. Campus newspapers often print editorials extolling the virtues of atheism. 29. People look at you funny and wonder if there's something wrong upstairs if you admit to being a Christian in public. 30. Many Christians are afraid to admit their Christianity to their parents and friends, for fear their kin will consider them immoral Christian scum and want nothing to do with them. 31. At presidential inauguration ceremonies, Madalyn Murray-O'Hair (that well-known friend of several presidents) gives a short pro-atheism speech. 32. For decades, high school and college commencement ceremonies have included brief speeches at the beginning and end of the ceremony in which atheism is praised and Christians deemed irrational. Christians who object to the practice, or who ask for an opening prayer instead, are regarded as cranks at best and subversives at worst. 33. Not only do commencement ceremonies feature pro-atheist speeches, there's usually an entire two-hour ceremony the day before graduation dedicated to upholding the atheist foundation of our educational system. 34. "There are no Christians in foxholes" is a popular slogan in our society. 35. Most hospitals are full of atheist symbols, and many prominently feature statues of Nietszche, Darwin, and so forth. 36. Communities set up atheist brainwashing facilities, and apply social pressure to citizens to report to these facilities every Sunday morning. Furthermore, attendees are expected to contribute money to support these facilities, and to build others through "outreach" programs. 37. Most parents in America indoctrinate their children at an early age to be atheists by forcing them to attend these brainwashing sessions, whether they want to or not. 38. While atheists hold huge rallies in 25,000-seat amphitheatres, Christians are so few in number that they can only dream of holding such rallies. 39. At baseball games, you can often spot people carrying signs that read "Origin Of Species, page 34". 40. Hospital waiting rooms usually come equipped with children's copies of Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History Of Time", complete with order forms so that parents can send off for their own copy. 41. Atheist magazines such as "Atheism Today", "Today's Atheist Woman", "Atheist Homeschooler", "The Atheist Century", "Atheist Ministry", "The Atheist Archeological Review", "Atheist Parenting Today" and "The Atheist Science Monitor" are featured prominently in newsstands across the country. 42. The Fellowship of Atheist Athletes has local chapters on college campuses throughout America. 43. According to recent Gallup polls, approximately 86% of Americans do not believe in God. 44. Politicians often refer to America's "Agnosto-Atheist heritage" when trying to woo voters. 45. Atheists are beginning to subvert the American political process. For example, the American Atheists recently published over thirty million voter's guides for distribution at atheist meeting-houses. These guides gave specific instructions note to vote for those who oppose atheist values. 46. It's easy to buy checks with quotes from Thomas Paine, but almost impossible to buy checks with Bible verses on them. 47. Businesses often refuse to admit that they are Christian owned and operated, for fear of being boycotted by their atheist customers. Meanwhile, atheist-owned businesses often feature Darwin-fish logos in their ads. 48. There are large networks of atheistic private schools in America, while it's nearly impossible to find a private Catholic school. 49. It's difficult to find people with good Christian names like John or Paul or Christopher. 50. Most gravestones in America are engraved with pentagrams; those few graves which are engraved with crosses usually end up being vandalized. 51. Atheists have often invented "deathbed deconversion" stories about famous Christians, claiming they became atheists just before they died. 52. Around the time of Darwin's birthday, Christians have to put up with songs about Darwin, which are played in shopping malls, restaurants, and even public restrooms. 53. We number our calendar years according to the number of years that have passed since Darwin's brithday. (Hence the term "A.D"-- "After Darwin".) 54. Christian gatherings and funerals are often disrupted by atheists shouting slurs and holding signs that read, "Nature hates Christians." 55. Books which promote Christianity are often removed from library shelves in response to atheist pressure groups. 56. A popular bumper sticker reads, "No Jesus, Know Peace. Know Jesus, No Peace." 57. Insurance companies refer to natural disasters as "Acts of Darwin". 58. Forms for job applications, government aid and so forth often ask what type of atheist you are, with checkboxes for "atheist", "agnostic", "humanist" and so forth. If you are a Christian, the only thing you can do is check the "other" box-- if one is provided. 59. Sports teams often read from the Humanist Manifesto prior to the game, in the hopes that doing so will increase their chances of winning. 60. Atheists constantly threaten television and movies producers with boycotts whenever they portray Christianity in a positive light. 61. Atheists often hold bonfires at atheist meeting centers, where Christian literature can be thrown into the fire. 62. Gambling is freely legalized for secular purposes, yet churches have to have their bingo halls in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or on Indian reservations. 63. Baseball games and the like have "The Star-Spangled Banner" sung by hard-rock groups bellowing out lyrics such as, "Foolish god-crazed slaves (whip crack)/At the altar of Rock and Roll you'll kneel!" and the singers will encourage any Christians in the stands to get eaten by lions held ready on the playing field. 64. New military officers are expected to say "God does not exist" at the end of their commissioning oath. 65. It easy to support atheistic charities like, "Atheist Children's Fund", "Agnostics Against AIDS", etc., but virtually impossible to support important causes through *Christian* organizations. 66. Well-known atheists like Michael Martin and Quentin Smith have set up ministries to witness to Christians, but it is virtually impossible to find Christians who specialize in debating atheists. 67. Congress starts each session with selected excerpts from Michael Martin's Atheism: A Philosophical Justification. Each house of Congress also has its own "Atheist Chaplain". No Christian prayers are ever made in Congress and no Christian chaplains are available. 68. The word "Christian" is recognized as a term which represents the worst of human attributes: cynicism, pessimism, selfishness, and moral turpitude. The word "Atheist," on the other hand, is used to signify all that is virtuous, as in, "That's mighty Atheist of you!" 69. On sitcoms and movies of the week, the parents make references to how their lack of faith in God helps them get through life's troubles. Meanwhile, Christians are protrayed as pathetic folks who end up converting to atheism. 70. Many American cities are named after noted atheist figures; for example, there is Corpus Darwini, Texas and San Voltaire, California. 71. Historically, most private colleges and universities in the US were founded by atheists; while some have become religious over the years, many of them retain close ties with atheist organizations, and some of them still use hiring practices that exclude Christians from their faculty and staff. (And this discrimination against Christians is permitted and protected by law!) 72. Atheists who convert to christianity are often told by their parents "It's just a rebellious phase. Once you move through this stage of life you'll realize that you never really believed in God." Similarly, people who are raised as Christians are condesended to, and told that if they would give atheism a chance, it would fill the empty hole that Chistianity must be leaving in their lives. 73. When celebrities or musicians accept awards during one of the many awards programs, they often end their list of "thank-yous" with a humble acknowledgment to Darwin for their "evolution-given talents". 74. During the 1996 election campaign, Pat Buchanan declared that creationism should not be taught in public schools. "We need a president who will commit himself to restoring secular humanist values and driving out the false god of the Christians," he said. 75. Atheists regularly go door-to-door on Sunday mornings asking people not to go to church with them. 76. Atheist cults are masters at luring lonely, young, disenfranchised people into their rational cults to brainwash them with reason so that they will give their lives and all worldly possessions to the Atheist leaders. 77. Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, and other Christian groups are banned (by Atheist-initiated zoning laws) from passing out literature from door to door. 78. People who don't decorate their homes with images of the sun during the Winter Solstice season, are assumed to be irrational Christians in need of rational therapy and conversion. 79. Even Atheist businesses hate the Winter Solstice season because people are encouraged to be rational and reasonable, thus encouraging our population to avoid senseless spending and debt and needless possession of material goods. 80. In general, Christians are considered to be less-than-honest. If you are a Christian, you must have no reason or rational judgment; therefore, you cannot be trusted to tell the truth. 81. Prisoners have become wise to the fact that they may receive early paroles if they claim to have found Atheism and been saved by Darwin. Such a conversion to rationality is thought to be a favorable sign of the rejection of a life of crime. 82. Humanist hate group members shave their heads and run around painting red H's on the doors of churches to intimidate Christians. 83. The Humanist Left and the Immoral Majority influence voting patterns in the Humanist Manifesto Belt states. 84. The government declared an official holiday in November to give thanks to fellow humans for the hard work and labor of our agricultural workers who provide the plentiful food resources we have in the U.S. 85. Atheist leaders of many sects bring in millions of dollars each week from TV and telephone solicitation and weekly meeting collections, enough to support at least one Atheist meeting hall in nearly every community in the country, while Christian groups barely have enough money to support a half-dozen national groups. 86. Most people assume everyone else is an Atheist and are unbelievers as they are. It makes for uncomfortable social situations for Christians and other religious types. 87. When one looks up "religion" or Christianity" in books of collected quotations, 99% of the quotes chosen for publication are negative while atheist or agnostic topics are filled with positive quotations. 88. Bookstores have entire sections filled with Atheist literature while "spiritual" and 'religious" books are almost impossible to find, except through specialized distributors. 89. Despite the overwhelming number of Atheists in the general population and in powerful legislative positions, when they don't get their own way, Atheists whine that this is an anti-Atheistic country. 90. Atheists constantly cite, out of context, books of philosophy by noted Atheists to prove that Christians live irrational lives. 91. Atheists do everything possible to get laws passed that will prevent irrational Christians from making their own choices in matters of sex, procreation, life-styles, family units, etc. 92. Until recently, Atheists had passed laws (known as Green Laws) that require all businesses to stay open on Sundays, preventing Christians who wished to practice their religious beliefs to work, just like everyone else. 93. Sci-fi movies almost always make rational scientific types into "good guys" while emotional, irrational people become the "heavies". 94. Movies that featured myths of silly miracles (like the parting of the Red Sea or the Resurrection of Jesus or other Biblical tales) never made any money. Most big movie studios rejected all proposals to make such ridiculous stories into films. However, "The Humanist Manifesto", 1956, was one of Cecil B. DeMille's blockbusters. 95. In small towns and communities all over the U.S. Atheist horns awake Christians at midnight on Saturdays preventing them from getting a good night's sleep before their Sabbath. Fortunately for much of the population, few church bells wake Atheists who want to sleep in on Sundays. 96. At every banquet, no matter the occasion, an Atheist propagandist gets up and thanks Madalyn Murray O'Hair for her wisdom and insight in educating us rational beings so that we can provide the food that we are about to eat. The presence of non-Atheists is not even acknowledged. No consideration is given to those who might find such a practice offensive. 97. Schools across the country force students to sing songs such as "Jesus Is Not the Son of God" during the Winter Solstice season. They rationalize this infringement on minority rights of religious freedom by claiming the songs are part of our collective culture. 98. During the Solstice season, Atheist Army members in uniforms block entrances to stores ringing annoying bells and requesting donations to save non-Atheists from their pathetic irrational lives. 99. Atheist Army (and other Freethought) soup kitchens force homeless Christians to listen to Atheist propaganda before serving them a meal. 100. Hundreds of self-help groups replace codependence with the 12 Steps of A.B.A. (Atheist Brainwashing Anonymous), convincing people they don't have the power to help themselves but must rely on the power of Darwin to overcome addiction. 101. U.S. Atheist organizations send missionaries to underdeveloped countries to convince people to renounce long-held local religious beliefs and become Atheists. 102. On Solstice Eve, there is nothing to watch on TV except Atheist rituals from Stonehenge. 103. During the Solstice Season, nearly every network airs reruns (ad nauseum) of "It's A Rational Life", "Reason on 34th Street", "A Solstice Story", "The Stupidest Story Ever Told", and other Atheist favorites. Christian programming cannot be found. 104. Christian employees have to use personal days or sick leave to stay at home to celebrate their holidays while everyone gets the day off for Winter Solstice and the birthdays of Charles Darwin and Madalyn Murray O'Hair. All major Atheist celebrations have been declared National Holidays with all government offices remaining closed on those days. 105. All Rational People's Day, the 1st of November, is a holiday at Atheist private schools. It's a day to celebrate Voltaire, Edison, Russell, Asimov, O'Hair, and other Atheist leaders and philosphers for their rational and logical thoughts. 106. Ronald Reagan denounced the Vatican as the "Heavenly Empire" because of its official status as a theocracy. 107. When someone is pathetic enough to admit to being a Christian, friends respond by saying things like, "No you're not. You just think you are." 108. Images of Lazarus Long, a fictional character in Robert Heinlein books, are frequently pretended to be seen by Atheists in paint stains, in the spots of cows, in tree bark, etc., causing large groups of people to make pilgrimages to those locations to confirm their lack of belief in the supernatural. These stories are given national news coverage to promote the status quo. 109. Christians are unfairly scrutinized for wearing t-shirts that say things such as "God's Gym" or "Resurrection Day", whereas atheists can proudly and without any protest wear their "Reasons Beer is Better than Jesus" or Darwin fish t-shirts. 110. Christians are constantly questioned as to where their morals come from. People always wonder why they have a reason to live, if god is the only thing they live for. Atheists, on the other hand, are praised for their high moral standards, and it is acknowledged that they don't need a reason to live--just "being" is enough. 111. Professors are encouraged to tell the class that they are atheists during the first class period of the semester, since this conveys to the students that they sincerely care about their progress in the class, and about the student as a person. Christian professors would get ostracized for doing this; students would complain and the professor would be told to keep his beliefs to himself. 112. Atheists offen try to scare Christians into disbelief by yelling that after they die they will be sent to the earth's firey core and tormented by Nietzsche for eternity. 113. Each year, the U.S. Post Office is nearly brought to its knees as both devout and "cultural" Atheists celebrate Lucretius' birth by sending each other anti-religious cards and illuminated copies of De Rerum Natura. 114. Atheists from Salt Lake City collect lists of dead people, so that they can be baptised posthumously as Atheists. 115. Atheists take sick people to doctors so that they can be 'cured', instead of sitting them in front of TV healing shows. Many of these so-called 'doctors' have no ministerial qualifications!. 116. Atheists have a superstitious dread of the number 13, because Darwin once invited 12 of his friends to supper. In fact, Atheists have such a strong superstition about certain numbers that road signs and house numbers and company logos have to be changed to avoid upsetting them. 117. NBC has shows that promote reason and skepticism in the face of Biblical prophecy or lone pseudoscientists while shows that promote irrational beliefs are on PBS and never reach as many people. 118. Noted atheists own "The Family Channel" and show programming that they find appropriate for other atheists. 119. The shows "Ignored by an Angel" and "Ultimately Illusory Highway to Heaven" are getting more and more viewers every week. 120. Each year, the President lights the National Solstice Tree. 121. There is an entire genre of music known as "Contemporary Atheist Music." The notion of "Christian music" is unheard of. 122. Most radio markets have at least one Atheist radio station. There are no Christian radio stations anywhere. 123. Judges justify abortion based on evolutionary theory and Nietzche, instead of the Bible. 124. Judges often give long speeches on atheistic morality and use them as a basis for strange or lenient sentences. 125. All prisons have a resident atheist philosopher, and inmates are encouraged to participate in weekly philophical dicussions on Bible Contradictions. This is often reported to parole board, who consider it a good indication of contritenes on the prisoner's part. 126. Atheists tend to call homosexuals, lesbians, and bisexuals criminals against nature while Christians accept them the way God made them. Moreover, while a few "liberal" atheist organizations do not make heterosexuality a requirement for membership, most atheist organizations strictly condemn such behavior and have used their massive political influence to criminalize same-sex marriages. 127. School children who profess their Christianity are routinely held up to ridicule and harrassment by the students and teachers who make up the atheist majority in both public and private schools. 128. Relatively inoffensive movies, which might otherwise be rated G or PG, are likely to be rated PG-13 or R if they contain excessive religious content. 129. According to comedian George Carlin, the "seven holy words" that cannot be broadcast on television are "God," "Jesus," "Christ," "bless," "heaven," "salvation," and "soul." 130. Congress has recently passed legislation requiring television manufacturers to install a so-called "H-chip," which enables viewers to automatically censor out any program containing excessive holiness. 131. Another bill recently signed by President Clinton includes the notorious "Communications Indecency Act," which will severely restrict the free speech rights of persons wishing to use Christian or other religious language or images on Usenet, Web pages, or even local bulletin boards. 132. A political candidate who declares himself a Christian will have far less chance of winning an election than one who flaunts his atheism. 133. Former president Franklin Roosevelt always reminded his speach writers to put "some of that anti-god stuff"in his speeches." 134. Because many forms of Christianity oppose homosexuality, the Atheist Left has installed rules allowing members of the armed services to lose their jobs simply because they have admitted to being heterosexuals. And, of course, heterosexual marriages are completely prohibited. 135. Every year in November, the President issues a proclamation for a national day of Thanksgiving, calling on Americans to spend the day thanking their parents for creating them and for all that they have done for them. No mention is ever made of the role of God in creating people, helping them acheive happiness, or keeping the country secure. (The proclamation is usually issued a few weeks before the ceremonial planting of the White House Solstice Tree.) 136. Similarly, after a major disaster the President usually calls for an official day of action; never is prayer suggested. 137. The President usually ends every speech with the words, "Let's all help America, since there is no God to do things for us." 138. Whenever an atheist commits a crime, invariably people will argue that this is not a sign that teaching atheism might not guarantee a better society, because anyone who would act that way "isn't a true atheist. " This list only scratches the surface. It is high time that God-fearing Christians rose up and spoke out against the horrendous anti-Christian bias that has taken hold in America.


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