(1773) Sun 17 Sep 95 13:36 By: Fredric Rice To: DAVID RICE Re: A Boy and His Dog St: Local

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(1773) Sun 17 Sep 95 13:36 By: Fredric Rice To: DAVID RICE Re: A Boy and His Dog St: Local <1492 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @MSGID: 1:102/890.666@FidoNet 820bc5a5 @PID: FM 2.02 >>DW> Trust a woman to forget the ending of _A Boy and His Dog_.... JB> This is one who didn't, and I never saw the movie till a JB> couple years ago. But I did read the story and it made one JB> hell of an impact on me. dr> The movie was shown on August 19th (a few weeks ago) here in dr> Los Angeles County. I was 50 miles off-shore at the time so I dr> missed it. I never did understand what the movie was trying dr> to say. That's easy. The role of women in the post-war society was pretty much the same in pre-war society. The differences were that the need for the woman, once fufilled, was not enough to weigh against expending the food required to keep her alive or the effort required to fight to keep her. According to the movie, once fucked, the woman becomes a liability and serves no further useful purpose. Before the war, she could be sustained until the next fucking but after the war, the liability was greater than the need which will arise later. That other males could use the services of a woman was also of no concern. "Aw why id they have to go and cut her? She still had several fucks left in her." The statement logically means that after all "her fucks" were gone, then you may go ahead and cut her as she's no longer useful. The dog, I think, confirms my opinion. "Human sexual behavior is so ugly." That was a global statement attributed to human expedience and gratification rather than a statement about frontal copulation -- which is not traditional or possible with dogs. The dog was witness to the male's over-riding sex drive and was confused when, after he suggested the boy masturbate again, the boy complained that it wasn't the same. --- * Origin: So many fundies; so little time. (1:102/890.666)


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