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A_THEIST Echo Support Files A_THEIST.LST Files listing from this file area. ATHEIST.APP Application for Membership in American Atheists. ATHEIST.NRS Telephone numbers for Dial-an-Atheist services. ATHEIST.DEF Definitions of A_Theists. ATHEIST.RUL Rules of A_THEIST Echo in FidoNet. A_ECHO-A.RUL Annotated Rules of A_THEIST Echo in FidoNet for the hard-of-reading. A_ECHO1C.ZIP First batch of A_THEIST Echo msgs. ATHEIST.BKS Suggested reading for A_Theists. ATHEIST.NOT Notice sent to FidoNews for publication. SCHOOL.SEC Checklist for keeping Public Schools Secular. A_THEIST.ZIP Archived samples of A_THEIST Echo & other stuff. Various Documents 15%SOLUT.ION Proposed Christian takeover of U.S.A. government. 1STCAUSE.ZIP First Cause is Existence not 'god'. 1TRUEGOD.APP Application to become the 'One True God'. 25CREAT.ZIP 25 answers to 25 'creationist' questions. AAI-VS.GOP Flyer on George Bush's stand against Atheists. AAOS.RUL Echo Guidelines files for AAOS Echo. AAOS.ZIP Sample info packet/msgs from American Atheist Online Svcs. AAOSFILE.ZIP Files available on AAOS [1:382/1006]. AARS349.ZIP AA Radio Series on 'New Testament Forgeries'. AATVF.PR American Atheist TV Forum info for all cable systems. AEONS.TXT Capsule report on book "The Psycho-Historic Mechanism of the Aeons" by Pete Carroll. AFA.CR So-called 'American Family Assoc'/'Xian Reconstruction'. AIDS-IHS.SAT Satire on the fundy claim that AIDS is gawds work. ALLAGES.ZIP Atheist books for all ages. AMERICA.COL Colonial America and relgious myths. AP-MAY93.FW April/May "Future Watch" newsletter sez fundies at it. APRAYER4.WAR Mark Twain's "War Prayer" illustrating real meaning of prayer as practiced by pious men who commit war in the name of their 'gods'. ATHEIST.FAQ Frequently Asked Questions of Atheists. A_THEIST.FAQ FAQs from Internet alt.atheism newsgroup. AU.INF Americans United for Separation of Church&State info. AUG-93.CPN The Citizen's Project, Aug 93 newsletter. AUSCS.INF Americans United for Separation of Church & State info. AUSTRALI.CON Australian Constitution Separation Clause. BANNED.BKS List of some banned books w/reasons and dates. BERGESON.CRE Creationist leanings in California schools? BIBLEERR.ZIP Common bible discrepancies reviewed. BLAMEDAY.TXT Tired of 'giving thanks'? How about 'giving Blame'? BOOKBAN.ZIP Some thoughts on fundies getting books banned. BQUIZ-DR.ZIP Bible Quiz by David Rice. BRAINWAS.TXT How 'brainwashing' works. BSAGOD.TXT Official Boy Scouts of America God requirements. BUSH-SEZ.NOA President Bush sez Atheists are not patriots! CWAF.ZIP 'Christian Coalition' Contract on American Families. CASESTDY.PRY FLorida case study on school prayer. CBSHOAX.RVL CBS hoax on Noah's Ark revealed! CEVERETT.TXT Truth about anti-abortion Carol Everett. CHILDREN.ZIP Atheists should not send kids to Sunday school. CHURCH.IRS Tax the profits of cults! CLUB-02.700 Report on Pat Robertson's '700 Club'. COINORAL.TXT Oral Presentation to Congress by Jon Murray of AAI. CONGRESS.PRY Call to end Congressional prayers. C-O-R.TXT Research on so-called Christian Reconstructionists. CREATION.BAH Refutation of 'creationism' by fact not fancy. CREATION.LST List of organizations promoting 'creationism'. CULTQUES.ANS What is a 'cult'? CULTTHOT.TX Thoughts on one Christian cult. DAVID1.GIF David Rice at the computer berating theists. DAVID2.GIF David Rice reading bible inerrancies at lunch. DEBATE.ERR Invitation to debate bible inerrancy on deaf ears. DEBUNKED.FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about debunking religion. DEMONS.DOC Doctors and demons-how Christianity held us back. DMARTIN.GIF Don Martin of HOLYSMOKE fame. DNACLUES.GOD How 'god' programmed DNA in +C. DOGMA.ROC A rock song by Styx Allum of 1:152/20. DOMINOS.GOD The Fundy pizza chain - Domino's. DYING.ZIP Murder okay if you die a Christian? DYSLEXIC.ON An atheist dictionary updated? EDUCATED.NO George Bush proclaims "Education Day U.S.A." EXPOSING.CBS Exposing "Stories of the Bible" on C.B.S. FFRF Information Files FFRF.INF Freedom From Religion Foundation info. GIDEON.FFR Passing out bibles in school unconstitutional. ATH-EVAN.FFR Be an atheist evangelist. IN-NEWS.FFR In the news---Freedom from Religion Foundadtion. XIANHOL.FFR Christian roots of Nazi's anti-Jewish holocaust. JESUMYTH.FFR Putting up posters that tell the truth. XIANKILL.FFR Christian right assaults innocents. HUNT-ETH.FFR Governor Hunt indicted. 1700AWRD.FFR Win $1,700 from the Freedom From Religion. ACADIAN.FFR French Canadians fight for religious freedom. NO-CROSS.FFR No More Crosses to bear. *=*=*=* FCC-HOAX.INF Truth about FCC hoax 20 years later. FLAGDAY.PRO Pastor George Bush deifies the U.S.A. flag. FORGERY.ZIP Forgery in Christianity - the archive. FOUNDERS.QUO Quotes about religion by Founding Fathers. FUNDY.ANA Analysis of 'fundamentalism' by former priest. FUNDY.DEF Definition of a 'fundy'. FUNDY.MTR Where do you rate on the 'fundy meter'? GETCHOIC.NOW Urgent appeal for action on abortion issue! GBPRAYER.DAY Presidential Proclamation for National Prayer Day. GERMANY.ATH Report on religious persecution of German atheists! GOD-KILL.JES Why did god kill Jesus? GODLY.VID Review of God video making ridiculous claims. GODTHEOR.ZIP 'god' theories mislead mankind. HALDEMAN List of E. Haldeman-Julius 'Blue books' atheist writings. HALLWEEN.STY The Origins of Halloween. HIDDEN.23D Hidden meanings in Psalm 23. HITLER.XTN Hitler WAS a 'Christian' - get over it! HUBBARD.ZIP A theist rails against Scientology. HOLYSMOK.FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about HOLYSMOKE Echo. HSMOKE.ZIP First batch of traffic from HOLYSMOKE Echo from 1:152/20 [Styx Allum]. HYPOTHES.NUL Testing for NULL - God=Null. IDENTITY.TXT Racist sect of Christians. INTRO.ATH Introduction to Atheism. INTROLIS.TXT Introductory reading list for atheists. JACKSON.CAT Catalog of John G. Jackson atheist writings. JEWISHWK.PRO Presidential Proclamation for Jewish Heritage Week. JS-VS-CB.TXT Message file of traffic on a_theism. JS-VS-CB.ZIP ZIPped form of the above message file. KALOVITA.OCA Pat Robertson's pyramid scheme in Oregon. LAROUCHE.WAR WARNING! Lyndon Larouche is back! LARSON.TXT Bob Larson radio 'ministry' called a fraud. LASTPAGE.BIB 'Missing' Last page of bible revealed! LEE-WEIS.MAN Text of Lee v. Weisman school prayer decision. LOGIC.ATH Primer on logic from atheist perspective. LTJONES.TWN Cult police group for 'god' in Idaho? MANTRACK.FUN When geologists meet fundies in the desert! MILESTON.ATH Atheist milestones. MILESTON.MAR Atheist milestones in March. MISSRAPT.URE In case of 'rapture' break glass. MORE-ARK.HOX More on the CBS 'Noah's Ark' hoax. MORE-CBS.LIE CBS continues to deny hoax of 'Noah's Ark. MUDDLED.GOD The muddlement of god. MURRAY.ZIP 1988 supplement from AA magazine on Prayer Removal Case. NEGATIVE.SKP What does it mean to prove a negative? NEWPARTY.CRD NOW vows to form new political party. NOCREATE.REJ Rejection of 'creationism' in Lake County_FL. NOTENURE.GOD Why god cannot get tenure. NYSCHOOL.BRD Rightwing fundies attack school board seats! OBJECT.ZIP Does life need an purpose? OTR.ZIP 210 'new' verses to the tune of Old Time Religion. PASTORGB.SEZ King George sez only theists can be President! PLEDGE.TXT Some Russian perspective on Pledge of Allegiance. PLIMER.ZIP Ian Plimer refutes 'Noah's Ark' discovery. POPEPCKT.93 American Atheist Pope Picket '93 in Denver! POPEPICK.94 American Atheist Pope Picket '94 in NYC and NJ! POPEPICK.95 American Atheist Pope Picket '95 in NYC! POW-DAY.PRO Presidential Proclamation of National POW Remembrance. PRAYNOT.FAX FAX this everywhere! PROBLEM WITH PRAYER PROJECT! PRIMETYM.REL "Gimme that Prime Time Religion"-a song? PROBPRAY.ZIP PROBLEM WITH PRAYER PROJECT submission forms! PULPIT.POL Politics from the pulpit - an editorial from GA. RATIONAL.RCY Rational Recovery - non-theistic 12 Step program. REAL-USA.SEP The REAL story of state/church separation in U.S.A. REASONVS.XTY Examples of lack of reason in Christianity. RELIGION.LAW Recent court cases dealing with religion. RELIGION.NO! Just say NO! to Religion by Lou Dripkin. RELIGION.SLV Editorial about 'slaves of religion' by D.K. Harris. RESURECT.SNT What about those 'resurrected' saints? RU-486.INF Information of RU-486 'abortion pill'. SANCTIMO.GB Sanctimonious George Bush's "Life Day" proclamation. SATAN.VRS A look at the 'satanic' verses of the Bible from Internet. SCIENTOL.GY2 What "Scientology" is all about. SCOLPRAY.LAW The laws of school prayer. SECULAR.CON A Secular Constitution. SELFABOR.INF Protect yourself from creeping fundyism. SIDESHW2.TXT 'Satan's Sideshow' [Satan's Underground update]. SKEPTICS Skeptical publications from American Atheist Press. SOLSTICE.ZIP Solstice related publication list. SPERMSAC.RED "Every Sperm is Sacred" from Monty Python. SPIDER.HEV Are there spiders in heaven? Inerrancy rebuffed again. STEVEQ2.GIF Steve Quarella of HOLYSMOKE fame. STOLEN4.XTY Symbols taken over by Christianity. STORK-VS.SEX The true story of where babies come from! STYXPYX.GIF Pictorial rendition of HOLYSMOKE Moderators. THANKSNO.TKS Presidential Proclamation of Nat'l Days of Thanksgiving. THE-GODS.BSA Boy Scouts unrelenting 'god' requirements! THEOLOGY.ZIP Comprehensive errata of bible lore. TIMESCAL.ZIP Geologic timescale in ansi and ascii formats. TIMESSAY.992 7 Sep 92 essay from Time on Separation. TOOLONG.BIB TOO LONG names in the bible. ULCELVIS.INF How to become an ordained minister for free. UNVERSTY.EVO Poor understanding of evolution at college. USA-NOT.XTN The MYTH of U.S.A. as a 'Christian' nation. USERELIG.ZIP What use is religion? VISTA-CA.CRE Creationists push to dump science in CA. VISTA-CA.CR2 Creationists still at it in San Diego. VISTA-CA.CR3 Creationist school board tries to dump science. VISTA-CA.CR4 More news on the school board take over in CA. VISTA-CA.CR5 Creationists openly declare 'creationism' to be taught! VISTA-CA.CR6 More of the same and getting SCARY in CA!! VISTA-CA.CR7 Part 7 of the Vista_CA 'creationist' schoolboard. VISTA-CA.CR8 The Vista_CA 'creationist' saga continues. WALKAWAY.INF Info on the WalkAway [escaping religion] group. WARNKE.ZIP 'Satanist' debunked as Hoax. WAUISM.INF The configurable religion for those searching. WELSH.ZIP Welsh vs Boy Scouts of America in Illinois [Welsh lost]. WHATMEME.IS The source of 'urban legends' like Jesus. WHYBEER.JEZ Why Beer is better than Jesus. WHYCOINS.GOD The sorid history of 'In God We Trust'. WHY-WACO.ATH What allows Waco wackos to flourish? WINCAT.ZIP Winter '93 catalog from American Atheist Press. WINTER Text from FidoNet Editor's system about proselytizer. WRITEDMV.NOW Write to Virginia DMV on denial of ATHEIST plate! YFUNDYIS.BAD What makes 'fundies' dangerous.


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