The following message will be sent to all my online skeptical and scientific friends, as w

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The following message will be sent to all my online skeptical and scientific friends, as well as to NBC. Well, I did it. I have just subjected myself to three straight hours of nonsense from NBC: one hour of pseudoscience followed by two hours of pseudoreligion. We have learned that our past is not at all what science has revealed and that the evidence for this has been filtered out by the scientific community because of their constant practice of rejecting anything which does not fit existing notions. We have also learned that all sorts of disasters will lead to the end of the world in the next few years. But, of course, we can always avert disaster by caring for our environment and living in peace and harmony. After a parade of dozens of doomsday prophets and the authors who advocate their claims, our narrator, David McCallum closes the apocalyptic program with the statement, "We, you and I, are the masters of our destiny." Huh? Way to go, NBC! As the most pervasive and influential of all media in the world, you have carefully chosen to promote superstition to millions of citizens whose industrial/technological society bases its future security on the ability of its masses to perceive the complexities of the world in a rational and informed manner. You have chosen to promote ignorance in a democratic society, the survival of which, as admonished by Jefferson, is dependent on the quality of education its citizens receive. You now stand as a monument to anti-science, anti-reason, and anti-truth, all under the guise of entertainment and with profit as your solitary goal. Brant Watson


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