(263) Wed 20 Aug 97 19:48 By: Fredric Rice To: All Re: Bill Cote Strikes Again St: Local @

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(263) Wed 20 Aug 97 19:48 By: Fredric Rice To: All Re: Bill Cote Strikes Again St: Local ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @MSGID: 1:218/890@FidoNet 7413bae6 @PID: FM 2.02 Bill Cote just bounced a FileRequest off of The Skeptic Tank's Internet services for the files which specifically mention his name. Some of you might recall who this poor guy is -- he's the source behind the infamously unscientific and utterly idiotic "Mysterious Origins of Man" hoax which was aired on television something like a year ago. (It was, if you can dig it, even _worse_ than Sun Pictures and "The Discovery of Noah's Ark. Yes, _worse_ than that hoax.) After the MOM hoax aired I leaped on him rather like a pack of rabid wolves might leap upon a helpless chick. (Crackpots, as you have all seen here a thousand times, have difficulty responding to polite inquiry.) My scientifically proven methodology worked and in an E-Mail he re-confirmed his committment to self-deception. (Yes, I was surprised.) My guess is that he's searching Internet for references to him and is doing "scientific research" for a sequel to his hoax. We sure hope so! -=- From ???@??? Fri Aug 20 19:02:22 1997 To: Bill Cote From: "Fredric L. Rice" Subject: Requested files attached Cc: Bcc: X-Attachments: \TMP\COTE.TXT; i:\mom\SCICOP.DOC; Here are the files you requested from The Skeptic Tank. If anything is missing or there was a problem of some kind, please E-Mail me and I will see if I can find out what went wrong. (NOTE: if you did _not_ request any of these files, please let me know so I can instigate the PVL search to find out who's using your account address.) NOTE: ZIP files were automatically unzipped before being sent. Files requested from directory: i:\mom\ File: COTE.TXT [From zip file: COTE.ZIP ] - Part of ZIP file [COTE.ZIP] - Bill Cote responds to my inflamatory taunts -- by pretending he's "Galileo on a mission." File: SCICOP.DOC - My review of Cote's messages sent to SCICOP. A total of 2 files containing 9010 bytes have been sent. -=- This space for rent. For details on free advertising using The Skeptic Tank review http://www.linkline.com/personal/frice/ads.htm http://www.linkline.com/personal/frice/index.htm frice@linkline.com < ~*~ Drunk or sober, it makes no difference, my position has been consistent throughout all of my postings. - Rick Vanderzwaag --- * Origin: Beware of promises of life where death is prerequisite (1:218/890)


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