By: Jack O'Neill To: Fredric Rice FR+gt; I've been looking through my files trying to find

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By: Jack O'Neill To: Fredric Rice FR> I've been looking through my files trying to find the name and number of FR> the clown who gave John Prewett the belief that JFK and Henry Kissinger FR> are going to take over the planet. It was addressed to ALL in this forum FR> and I called the guy on the number indicated... = Brought to you compliments of The RoadKill Cafe HolySmoke Archive = From: Fredric Rice To: All 29 Sep 94 17:34:38 Subject: Dial these clowns up! jjh> Well... he's updated his speil. The "Image of the Beast" is now jjh> the Internet. And the dred "Mark of the Beast" is, of course, a jjh> node address. jjh> Think I'm making this shit up? jjh> Call 1-800-521-1123 and have some fun with them. I dialed these people up and got an answering machine and a wheasy old guy talking at the same time. After I identified myself as "Fredric Rice from The Skeptic Tank, a system on the Internet," I mentioned that I had run into a comment of his (Mr. Webber) about "The image of the beast" and Internet. I asked what the tie-in was. He told me that he read two articles, one in Time magazine, and one in Newsweek, which refered to the internet as "The Internet" (capitalized, Mr. Webber informed me) and the "Soul of Internet." Mr. Webber told me that these 'admissions' were synominous with Revelation chapter 13, and the "mark of the beast." Knowing I was talking with a certified lunatic and knowing that, since I dialed a 1-800 telephone number so he had my telephone number on his billing statement, I was polite and thanked him for his time.


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