By: David Bloomberg Re: Selling Satan To: MIT.EDU!witchhunt (witchhunt) I just finished re

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By: David Bloomberg Re: Selling Satan From: Tad Cook To: MIT.EDU!witchhunt (witchhunt) I just finished reading SELLING SATAN by Mike Hertenstein & John Trott (1993, Cornerstone, Chicago, IL) and I wanted to post a note recommending this book. I'm not sure, but I may have first heard of it on this forum some time back. Its about evangelist Mike Warnke, who wrote a book in the 1970s called The Satan Seller and built a lucrative mass-media ministry based upon lurid tales of his alleged former life as a satanist. Hertenstein and Trott are a couple of evangelist journalists who came out of the charismatic Jesus movement of the early 1970s and did what no other journalists had done before with Warnke's claims; they did some digging, talked to people who knew him during the period when he allegedly was a satanist, and discovered that just about everything that Warnke claimed about himself was a lie. What is so important about Warnke was that it was his claims which fueled a lot of the satanic panics and rumors over the past decade. Another related book that I highly recommend is SATANIC PANIC by Jeffrey Victor. If I recall correctly from Victor's book, he has traced a number of satanic panics to Warnke's appearances on network television. | Tad Cook | Seattle, WA | Ham Radio: KT7H | The general root of superstition is that men observe when things hit, and not when they miss, and commit to memory the one, and pass over the other-Sir Francis Bacon 1561-1626


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