Rules for ULC_MINISTERS CCN Echo Moderator: Alan Jennings ULC_MINISTERS is a _privately_di

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Rules for ULC_MINISTERS CCN Echo Moderator: Alan Jennings ULC_MINISTERS is a _privately_distributed_echo_ originating from CompuChurch Universal Life Church, FidoNet 1:3800/6. It is available by application to and subject to the approval of CompuChurch International Headquarters. Approval will generally be granted to SysOps who will agree to limit read/write access to this echo to Universal Life Church Ministers ONLY. Without exception. There are, however, certain other agreements and information required of SysOps before authorization to carry this echo will be granted. Those requirements and agreements are available by File REQuesting the magic name CCN_APP from CompuChurch. The purpose of the Echo is to afford a link between ULC Ministers active in the work of their church, and to discuss subjects of general interest about aspects of the operation of their ministries and/or their ULC Congregation. Discussions of religion, theology, dogma, etc. are to be held in other echoes or in netmail, but not in this echo. There are plenty of echoes for that type of discussion, but this is not one of them. Ministers are permitted, if they choose, to identify their personal dogma/ persuasion (for the purpose of establishing contact with like-minded individuals) as long as no discussions of a religious nature ensue in this echo. Aliases (but not "handles") _are_ permitted in this Echo. You do not have to use your legal name. You simply have to use a non-attention-getting plausibly conventional pseudonym so as not to be an obvious "handle". The moderator has the final say and reserves the right to appear arbitrary. (He never IS arbitrary. He is only always RIGHT.) Generally, disputes and disagreements upon which the Moderator does not wish to rule, will be referred to the Universal Ecclesiastical Court, whose decisions will be binding. If the moderator relegates your complaint to that authority, you'll know it! Comments may be directed in NetMail to Alan Jennings 1:3800/6 Or make a direct connection with: CompuChurch International Headquarters Fidonet 1:3800/6 (504)927-4509 H16 V.32bis V.42bis P.O. Box 64575 Baton Rouge, LA 70896


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