By: David Worrell Re: Sodomy 1 Several people (I don't remember which people) were discuss

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By: David Worrell Re: Sodomy 1 Several people (I don't remember which people) were discussing the sodomy laws of various states. I thought the following text file might clear up some points. ** begin quoted material ** Date: 13 Dec 1994 08:14:07 GMT From: (Elf Sternberg) UNITED STATES LEGAL ISSUES REGARDING SEX United States Sodomy Laws, state by state IN THE FIRST COLUMN, AN M INDICATES MISDEMEANOR, F IS FELONY. ALABAMA M 13A-6-65,Sexual Misconduct, 1 year/$2000 Does not apply to married couples. ALASKA Repealed effective 1980 ARIZONA M 13-1411, Crime Against Nature (anal intercourse), 30 days/$500 M 13-1412, Lewd and Lascivious Acts, 30 days/$500 ARKANSAS M 5-14-111, Sodomy, 1 year/$1000, same sex only Bill passed unanimously "aimed at weirdos and queers who live in a fairyland world and are trying to wreck family life." Signed into law by governor in 1977. CALIFORNIA Repealed effective 1976 COLORADO Repealed effective 1972 CONNECTICUT Repealed effective 1971 DELAWARE Repealed effective 1973 FLORIDA M 800.02, Unnatural and Lascivious Act, 60 days/$500 GEORGIA F 16-6-2, Sodomy, 1 to 20 years Upheld as to homosexuals on the grounds that there is no fundamental federal constitutional right to "engage in sodomy." Bowers v. Hardwick, 478 U.S. 186 (1986). M 16-6-15, Solicitation of Sodomy, 1 year/$1000 HAWAII Repealed effective 1973 IDAHO F 18-6605, Crime Against Nature, 5 years to life ILLINOIS Repealed effective 1962 First state to repeal sodomy laws, in 1961. INDIANA Repealed effective 1977 Earlier effort to repeal said legalization might "give us an opportunity to study it more openly, and to see what causes it, in the hope that we can eventually eliminate it." IOWA Repealed effective 1978 KANSAS M 21-3505, Sodomy, 6 months/$1000, same sex only KENTUCKY Held unconstitutional by state Supreme Court 1992. Commonwealth v. Wasson LOUISIANNA F 14.89, Crime Against Nature, 5 years/$2000. Held unconstitutional by Orleans Parish Court, appeal pending. MAINE Repealed effective 1976 MARYLAND F 27-553, Sodomy, 10 years F 27-554, Unnatural or Perverted Sexual Practices, 10 years/$1000 Found not to apply to noncommercial, hetrosexual activity in private. Schochet v. State, 1990. MASSACHUSETTS F 272-34, Crime Against Nature, 20 years F 272-35, Unnatural and Lascivious Acts, 5 years/$100-$1000 Crime Against Nature applies only to anal intercourse. Unnatural and Lascivious Acts has been held not apply to private consensual adult behavior. Commonwealth v. Balthazar, Supreme Judicial Court 1974. It has been suggested that such a ruling would apply to Crime Against Nature. MICHIGAN F 750.158, Crime Against Nature, 15 years Held unconstitutional as applied to private, consensual adult behavior. Michigan Organization for Human Rights v. Kelly (Wayne County Circ. Ct. 1990), no appeal taken, only applies to Wayne County. Held consitutional by Michigan Court of Apeals (People v. Brashier) 1992, effective outside of Wayne County. Decision is needed from the Michigan Supreme Court. MINNESOTA M 609.293, Sodomy, 1 year/$3000 Minnesota's law also prohibits sex between humans and birds. MISSISSIPPI F 97-29-59, Unnatural Intercourse, 10 years MISSOURI M 566.090, Sexual Misconduct, 1 year/$1000, same sex only MONTANA F 45-5-505, Deviate Sexual Conduct, 10 years/$50,000, same sex only NEBRASKA Repealed effective 1978 NEVADA Repealed effective 1993 NEW HAMPSHIRE Repealed effective 1975 NEW JERSEY Repealed effective 1979 NEW MEXICO Repealed effective 1975 NEW YORK Held unconstitutional by state Supreme Court 1980, People v. Onofre NORTH CAROLINA F 14-177, Crime Against Nature, 10 years / discretionary fine NORTH DAKOTA Repealed effective 1975 OHIO Repealed effective 1974 OKLAHOMA F 21-886, Crime Against Nature, 10 years A 1977 effort to repeal sodomy laws was met with a vote-delaying "chorus of giggles." OREGON Repealed effective 1972 PENNSYLVANIA Held unconstitutional by state Supreme Court 1980. Commonwealth v. Bonadio RHODE ISLAND F 11-10-1, Crime Against Nature, 7-20 years. Includes "ordinary extramarital intercourse." SOUTH CAROLINA F 16-15-120, Buggery, 5 years/$500 The law actually legislates the "abominable crime of buggery." No further statutory explaination given. SOUTH DAKOTA Repealed effective 1977 TENNESSEE M 39-13-510, Homosexual Acts, 30 days/$50, same sex only TEXAS Found unconstitutional by state Court of Appeals, England v. Dallas, no appeal taken. Effective 1994 with the dismissal of Morales v. State. UTAH M 76-5-403, Sodomy, 6 months/$1000 In 1982, the Republican State Convention added a plank to its platform stating that homosexuals should be denied the civil, political, social, and economic rights guaranteed to others. VERMONT Repealed effective 1977 VIRGINIA F 18.2-361, Crime Against Nature, 5-20 years WASHINGTON Repealed effective 1976 WEST VIRGINIA Repealed effective 1976 WISCONSIN Repealed effective 1983 WYOMING Repealed effective 1977 U.S. POSSESIONS D.C. Repealed effective 1993 AMERICAN SAMOA Repealed effective ? GUAM Repealed effective ? N. MARIANA IS. Repealed effective ? VIRGIN ISLANDS Repealed effective ? PUERTO RICO Criminal, penalties unknown. Compiled by Bob Summersgill DC Sodomy-Law reform coalition. By: David Worrell Re: Age of consent The last part of the sodomy text file contained ages of consent for the various states. Most of them were what you'd expect, but there was one that caught my eye... ** begin quoted text ** [...] Mississippi....18 [2] [...] [2] If the female is over 12, the statute applies only to virgins. ** end quoted text ** I guess non-virgins aren't quite as important as virgins... If anybody wants the entire file (no, I don't want to know *why* you want it), let me know. ... I take my pet Lion to church every Sunday. He has to eat!


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