By: Benjamin Leblanc To: Fredric Rice Re: Alien abductions research FR+gt; While alien abd

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By: Benjamin Leblanc To: Fredric Rice Re: Alien abductions research FR> While alien abduction claims are wide-spread, I suspect that the cause FR> for alien abduction phenomena and much of SRA is based upon the FR> ever-popular and widely-reported sleep-induced hypnosis. At least it might be one of the causes. Here is an excerpt of a message I sent to Christina Barr, a folklorist/ethnologist from Memorial University of Newfoundland who is exploring (just as me) the relationship between ano- malous sleep experiences and alien abductions. --- Concerning ufo abductions, one of the great causes might in fact be linked to sleep disorders, or at least a miscomprehension of some sleep experiences. You will be interested to look at the work of Michael Persinger, a neuroscientist at Laurentian University of Sudbury, Ontario. His hypothesis introduces the notion of a link between temporal lobe lability (which can be detected on EEG) and mystical experiences, strange feelings, ufo abductions, out-of-the-body experiences. Actually, Persinger is trying to _induce_ such experience whith his famous magnetic field "helmet". Also, you will have to look at the work of a friend of mine, Dr. Tore Nielsen, working at the Sleep Laboratory of Sacre-Coeur Hospital here in Montreal. One of his articles is particularly relevant for your (and my) researches: "Reality Dreams and Their Effects on Spiritual Belief: A Revision of Animism Theory", published in _J. Gackenbach & A.A. Sheikh (eds.), Dream Images: A call to mental arms (pp.233-264). Amityville: Baywood Publishing Company, Inc._. This article involves what we call "lucid dreams". Also, from Dr. Tore Nielsen, you may find interesting his work about the relation between pain and dreams; two articles are relevant: "Pain in Dreams" (CopyRight 1993 American Sleep Disorders Association and Sleep Research Society), and "Changes in the Kinesthetic Content of Dreams Following Somatosensory Stimulation of Leg Muscles During REM Sleep", published in Dreaming, Vol. 3, No. 2, 1993. Look also for the persistance of sleep paralysis eperienced by people who awake, and the psychological reaction it produces. There might be a link between succubus, incubus, Old Hag (you should know him... ;) ) and ufo abductions, all of them being maybe an interpretation of some anomalous sleep experiences, such as this sleep paralysis. Also (yes, again), get a look at the work of Celia Green, a parapsycholo- gist with an independant laboratory in Oxford. She worked on "metachoric experiences", which are basically false awakenings (dreaming that you wake up). Finally, the late Nick Spanos (and his colleagues) at Carleton University in Ottawa worked on the link between sleep disturbance and apparent abduc- tions. He unfortunately killed himself in a plane crash last Spring (he was a private pilot). --- As you can see, Frederick, there are many possibilities in order to explain ufo abductions. Hypnosis (FMS) is one, influences from sci-fi culture is another, and add to this sleep disturbances and possible excessive bursts of electrical activity in the temporal lobes, leading at one extremity to epilepsy, and at the other simple weird feelings. If we consider all this at the same time, we might get the answer soon. Benjamin H. Leblanc Myths and modern folklore studies Montreal University, anthropology / sociology depts.


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