By: Hector Plasmic To: Don Ward Re: Re: deleted DW+gt;Darrow asked the judge to instruct t

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By: Hector Plasmic To: Don Ward Re: Re: deleted DW>Darrow asked the judge to instruct the jury to find his own client DW>(John Scopes) guilty as charged! Here's a reprint you may find despicable: To: Ron Stringfellow From: Simon Ewins On: 24 May 93 18:37:12 Subj: Scopes Trial -=> Ron Stringfellow said to All >=- RS> p.s. Result? Scopes found guilty. First its Darrow not Darrel. Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution in violation of Tennessee law (which he did) and fined the _minimum_ of $100. Scopes actually _volunteered_ to become a test case. The verdict was _overturned_ on appeal, but in spite of the verdict the evolutionists were perceived as having won a major moral victory. Tennessee was held up to ridicule to the entire nation. The affair caused other states to quietly shelve or dismiss proposed "monkey laws", and in 1968 in Emerson v. Arkansas, the Tennessee law and similar laws in Mississippi and Arkansas were declared _unconstitutional_ by the U.S. Supreme Court. Read the transcripts of the 1981 trial of Arkansas Act 590, the "Balanced Treatment Act", which required "creation science" to be taught in public schools along with evolution for a good look at how utterly idiotic the creationists testimony really is. Harold Coffin, of Loma Linda University stated "No, creation science is not testable scientifically." The following is part of Coffin's testimony... Q: You have had only two articles in standard scientific journals since getting your Ph.D. in 1955, haven't you? A: That's correct. Q: The Burgess shale (a geological formation in the Canadian Rockies with exceptionally well preserved marine fossils) is said to be 500 million years old, but you think it is only 5,000 years old, don't you? A: Yes. Q: You say that because of information from the scriptures, don't you? A: Correct. Q: If you didn't have the Bible, you could believe the age of the Earth to be many millions of years, couldn't you? A: Yes, without the Bible. Of members of CRS (the Creation Research Society) called as witnesses _for_ creationism, Wayne Friar of King's College, NY ... Q: You believe the choice between evolution and creation is a matter of faith, don't you? A: Basically, yes. Margaret Helder a botanist and vice president of CRS stated that there was no scientific evidence for special creation. Donald Chittick, a physical chemist and member of CRS testified as a creationist "expert" on the flood and radiometric dating ... Q: You have had no formal course in radiometric dating for 20 years, have you? A: Not since then. Q: You have had only one article in a refereed journal since 1960, isn't that correct? A: Correct. (Most working scientists who truly advance human knowledge, would publish dozens of papers in that time span.) Another creationist witness, mathematician Chandra Wickramasinghe, stated on cross examination that no rational scientist would believe that the Earth is less than one million years old or that the world's geology could be explained by a worldwide flood. Federal District Judge William Overton, of Little Rock, stated in his ruling that the act was "simply and purely and effort to introduce the biblical version of creation into the public school curricula." and as such it violated the 1st and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution. You might also check the transcripts of trials concerning the Louisiana Creationism Act of 1981 in trials by Federal Judge Adrian Duplantier (01-10-1985), and subsequent U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rulings on 07-08-1985 and the Supreme Court on 06-19-1987. There are many more trials that I can refer you to if you are willing to be exposed to the asinine testimony of creation scientists.


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