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* Scientology "church" at war with the world Fredric L. Rice The Skeptic Tank 1:102/890.0 (818) 335-9601 As most of you probably know, the "Church" of Scientology has been attacking Bulletin Board Systems and Internet users around the world trying to stiffle critics of their church. Though this isn't at all new, what _is_ new is the _number_ of attacks against critics in the past four months, the _type_ of facts critics are now presenting to the world, and the specifics of the _methodology_ the church has adopted of late to curb critics around the world from speaking out. The intimidation factor includes the vandalizing of people's cars (such as the Twenty / Twenty television crew's cars in their parking lot due to an exposure they televised) to the cutting of people's car's break lines to photographing critics, knocking on people's doors, and demanding to know "Who do you work for?!" (They're told that critics all work for some mysterious cabal of psychologists, strange as it may sound.) Their operatives' criminal histories also extend to evading arrest and avoiding process servers. David Miscavige, for instance, is wanted for impersonating an officer in the state of Florida and a reward is being offered for any process server who can locate him to serve him with a subponea (contact me for information on the reward.) For the past five years or so I've been accumulating all the information on the Scientology church I could find, deleting all of the church's secret "scriptures" from the huge mass of court documents, court affidavits, newspaper reports, television and radio interview transcripts, and FBI reports of the past criminal activities of the church's operatives. The list of files grows daily and I have made an effort to delete anything which isn't actually informative. Though the church has focused their attacks upon BBSs like mine for decades, their focus has been changed to the Internet and major magazine and newspaper publications like Time and The Washington Post which have been sued simply because the facts offered are embarrassing to the church. It is felt by the church that knowledge of their "religion," their "scriptures," and criminal activities of the past and present will and have adversely impacted upon their revenues by alerting potential "wogs" from signing-up for their very expensive courses or from taking their "free personality test" which results in all applicants who pass a "wallet biopsy" from being discovered to be infested with invisible "thetans," the cure of which demands hundreds of thousands of dollars to get and thus end up "clear." Thetans are the fragmented remains of beings which lived some 74 trillion years ago (to hell with cosmology and science, yes) who were once citizens of the Galactic Empire until Xenu shipped them all off to Earth, chained them to a volcano (which is why there's a volcano on the book "Dianetics") which Xenu then blew to pieces with hydrogen bombs. The fragmented thetans attach themselves to humans these days and contribute to the negative "reactive mind" where only L. Ron Hubbard's "technology" can reach and "cure." If this sounds like a LSD-induced fantasy, that's because it is. Hubbard was a heavy drug user who eventually committed suicide as his paranoia and hallucinations intruded into his wakeful life. He claims to have created the United States Air Force and to have personally sunk two Japaneese submarines off the coast of Oregon. It was found that he lied; it was, it seems, further drug-induced hallucinations which eventually he considered real. "Scriptures" which contain this information (and a lot of other like-minded nonsense such as talking to plants and animals and controlling people's mind using "tone" -- it gets even more silly when Hubbard talks about spaceships that look like 747s) have been introduced into court documents as evidence in litigation launched by ex-scientologists. Since this information is public, it's been available on Internet for years. Due to the attacks on Internet Users and even their Service Providers, however, this information is available from hundreds of web pages all over the world, prompting the huge increase in criminal activities of the church which then results in even more Internet web pages being created and old ones being updated. (Such as a forged bomb threat by an as-yet-unknown Scientologist leveled at a vocal, sometimes rabid (and quite entertaining!) critic in alt.religion.scientology who called himself "henry." That cost henry his job, and Internet access and will doubtless drive him to sue the church for their criminal actions against him.) The church is trying to sue anyone who makes such court documents available, claiming that their "scriptures" are copywritten and not public (which is the only reason why I don't keep them.) The fact that anyone can go down to a court house and photocopy the documents for a fee of one dollar a page hasn't escaped the church. They have members stand in front of court buildings before they open and check-out the documents, sitting with them all day so no one else can read them or have them copied. (Most religions don't act like this, you know. They usually want to reach as many people as they can with their scriptures. Not the Church of Scientology, though. In fact, this is an abuse of the legal system that needs to be addressed with time limits or perhaps with a lottery if more than one person desires the court documents at a time.) Even though nearly every court case against critics finds in favor of the defendant and the church ends up paying huge amounts in monetary settlements, (some of which are over 2 million dollars) the church appears to learn nothing from their activites and, it is suggested by organized cult watchers, eventually the heads of the church will be "excommunicated" for mishandleing critics to the point where all revenues cease. (The church calls excommunicating their leaders "SUPPRESSIVE PERSON DECLARE AND EXPULSION.") Until then, however, the church continues to attack individuals around cyberspace as well as within the media simply for offering the world Scientology's own words in full context. If you're interested in all the ugly details, a list of the files I've accumulated, examined, and retained so far may be FileRequested using the magic file name of COS from my system. In addition, my system has been archiving _all_ issues of the Computer Underground Digest and the following issues contain articles on the cult's attacks on people's freedom of speech. As the church continues to attack Internet and people's freedom of speech, no doubt the number of CuDs which cover the story will increase. CUD706.TXT EFF Open Letter to Church of Scientology CUD714.TXT The Finnish police have gotten a search&seizure warrant on my home and the server CUD721.TXT Religious Technology vs. Netcom-on-Line, Judge Ronald Whyte presiding -- 2/21/95 hearing at Federal Court in San Jose (10:00-11:00) CUD725.TXT Background on Church of Scientology and the Net CUD740.TXT Church of Scientology and the Nets Church of Scientology v. the Net (background) CUD753.TXT The Church of Scientology is vigorously litigating to force a bulletin-board operator to entirely prohibit all access to a COS critic CUD768.TXT The Church of Scientology. Perhaps modeling their behavior on that of America Online, the keepers of the flame of L. Ron Hubbard have forged cancellations of Internet messages they don't like, tried to remove an entire Usenet discussion group devoted to critical examination of Scientology, threatened operators of anonymous remailing services in order to discourage anonymous criticism of Scientology, instigated a raid on an anonymous remailing service in Finland, and sought to intimidate Scientology critic Dennis Elrlich, his Internet access provider, and Netcom by suing them on extremely dubious grounds of copyright violation. CUD769.TXT WASHINGTON POST SUED FOR VIOLATING SCIENTOLOGY COPYRIGHTS CUD770.TXT Church of Scientology Sues Washington Post CUD776.TXT Report on the September 15, 1995 hearing in the case of RTC v. Lerma; US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria, VA CUD778.TXT Church of Scientology: Sit Back & Watch the Show: Reports of CoS' setbacks in its case against Lerma are swiftly making the rounds on the Net. At the risk of sounding overly melodramatic... The loss of freedom of expression and speech affects all of us in cyberspace, whether we're totally uninterested in the criminal actions of Scientologists or not. I can't imagine how a church or business can think that adopting nearly fascist tactics to try to curb a huge number of citizen's rights to free speech is in any way ethically or morally acceptable. Certainly the courts have overwhelmingly found that it's _not_ Constitutionally acceptable. The debate isn't about copywrites, anti-religious hate mongering, or even about the criminal activities of the church. It's about MONEY and the bilking of the ignorant, the gullible, and the superstitious. It's about the squelching of individual freedoms and Constitutional rights to speak out against tyranny and fraud. It's about opening one's mouth and denouncing pseudo-science and mind control. If you read a Scientologist trying to claim otherwise, let me leave you with an extract from one of their own training courses. Their mendacity is _learned_. This is an _extract_ from a "TR" -- a "Training Routine" which is a course that the Church of Scientology offers to those who are willing to pay the huge costs. It teaches how to lie successfully. Title: INTELLIGENCE SPECIALIST TRAINING ROUTINE - TR L Purpose: To train the student to give a false statement with good TR-1. To train the student to outflow false data effectively. Position: Same as TR-1. Commands: Part 1 "Tell me a lie". Command given by coach. Part 2 interview type 2 WC by coach. Training Stress: In Part 1 coach gives command, student originates a falsehood. Coach flunks for out TR 1 or TR 0. In Part 2 coach asks questions of the student on his background or a subject. Student gives untrue data of a plausible sort that the student backs up with further explanatory data upon the coach asking further questions. The coach flunks for out TR 0 and TR 1, and for student fumbling on question answers. The student should be coached on a gradient until he/she can lie facilely. The rest of the training has been deleted so that no possibility of copywrite violation is possible under the provisions of "fair use." It goes on to provide an example of a student lying to a "coach" with the coach acting in a confrontational and aggressive manor. The student is required to appear truthful and not be caught in a contradiction. You can bet that any Scientologist you're likely to see on the television or quoted in a newspaper has been through the course and passed. They wouldn't let him or her speak otherwise. I encourage everyone to download the files from my system before there's a knock on my door and they try to shut me up like all the others. I also sggest that some of the WEB sites be reviewed for photographs of operatives -- some of whom are running from the law and might show up in your area. -=- For WEB pages covering the issues -=- Ron Newman: scientology/home.html David Dennis: Modemac: Jim Lippard: Skeptic Magazine: scientology.html EFF: CoS_v_the_Net/ Bob "Sloth" Bingham: Tilman Hausherr: Dave Touretzky: Daniel Tobias: Jessie Blalock: Jerod Pore: Martin L Poulter: Jonas Flygare: Scott Goehring: scientology/ Discord: Teodor Vaananen htm Steve A: html Felipe (XS4ALL) Sirilyan: CNN: Cornelius Krasel: CoS/ David C. Smith: html Brett Achorn: html Mark Allen: Steve Marinick: html Taneli Huuskonen: txt Bruce Scott: html Samuel Kaplin: Maureen Garde: html Chaos: Don Lindsay: scientology/ Goofy:$.html 50 Gt. Conspiracies: -=- BOOKS -=- 1. Cooper, Paulette--The Scandal Of Scientology [henry] scandal.txt 2. Wakefield, Margery--The Road to Xenu [Steve A] -=- F.A.C.T. Net -=- New home: FACTNET kit: (courtesy of cuthulu) FACTNET kit: (courtesy of fonss) FACTNET kit: (courtesy of newkid) -=- LERMA CASE -=- Faegre & Benson: -=- PRO-SCIENTOLOGY -=- Leisa Goodman: (semi-official Co$) Brian W: ftp://FTP.PCNET.COM/users/brianw (FTP) R E Brooks: relighst.html -=- FISHMAN AFFIDAVIT -- There are over 50 sites for the Fishman affidavit because it contains the court documents which has the church's "scriptures." Two sites for the affidavit are:


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