Mon 11 Sep 95 21:10 By: DAVID RICE Re: Carl Sagan : astrologer +quot;Sagan say's there ain

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Mon 11 Sep 95 21:10 By: DAVID RICE Re: Carl Sagan : astrologer "Sagan say's there ain't no God but Sagan himself." -- Pat Parrinello Speaking of which, I thought readers here would enjoy the following: -=- A friend who works for the State of Washington Dept of Transportation sent me this gem from the department newspaper: "World-renowned astrologer Dr. Carl Sagan (right) is escorted to the final session by Pacific Rim conference director Bill Carr." (this was the caption below a photo showing Carl Sagan.... yes, the same Carl Sagan who attacked astrology during a speech at the 1994 CSICOP conference!) The third paragraph of the text reads: "In addition to more than 200 presentations that offered experts' knowledge on universal transportation matters such as the latest "intelligent highway" technologies, putting together international trnsportation projects, the intermodal transportation systems that Europe has developed, and air transportation facilities for the 21st century - the second Pacific Rim transportation gathering offered the the mind-stretching thoughts of one of the worlds' most honored astrologers, Dr. Carl Sagan." The article was written by Grace Eubanks, Managing Editor of Ex Press, the newspaper of the Washington State DOT. The masthead lists her email address as in case anyone wants to comment (!). I called Grace on the day when the publication began hitting people's desks. As soon as I mentioned Sagan she volunteered that she did actually understand the difference between astronomy and astrology! She also said that mine was the 15th call she had received so far. I kidded her about what was she THINKING when she wrote that, and she said that she wrote it at 3 AM in a fog and that it had been proofread by two other people who normally catch mistakes. Tad Cook ... An elegant weapon, from a more civilized age. -- Obi Wan Kenobi *


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