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By: David Bloomberg Re: Sacked, but wins! (File: SACKED.ZIP) From:!!aaron (Aaron Larson) To: MIT.EDU!witchhunt (c) 1994 The Daily Telegraph, December 22, 1994, Pg. 7 Woman wins false memory sacking fight By Wendy Holden A social worker wrongly sacked by Barnados after being accused of sexually abusing her daughter has been awarded L14,000 in compensation. In the first decision in Britain involving alleged false memory syndrome, an industrial tribunal in Newcastle upon Tyne has ruled in favour of the social worker, who had been with the charity for 13 years until her dismissal two years ago. The panel awarded her the maximum amount for unfair dismissal after Barnados refused to reinstate her. In a judgment on the case delivered in the past week, the panel criticised Barnados for "unreasonable behaviour and the inadequate nature of the evidence". The woman, who cannot be named, said the case - which began after her daughter of 23 sought psychiatric help for depression - had destroyed her life. She has won the support of the British False Memory Society, which was set up 18 months ago to investigate 500 cases where people are allegedly persuaded that they have been sexually abused when they have not. The social worker said: "No one can understand what it is like for your daughter to come out and accuse you of something like this. "The last time I saw her was two years ago. The next day I went to work and was suspended." Mr Roger Scotford, director of the British False Memory Society, said: "This case is very important. Families who contact us have similar stories." Barnados said it planned to appeal but added that it could not comment further on the case.


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