By: Sue Armstrong To: Steve Wallis Re: Shearing all the Sheep And Brave Sir Steve ran away

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By: Sue Armstrong To: Steve Wallis Re: Shearing all the Sheep And Brave Sir Steve ran away, screaming "g'day"! SW> Sue, im not the one playing-im not into games. As for your Perhaps you should. They can be mind-expanding - something you're in dire need of. SW> comment on only children believing in fairy tales about talking SW> snakes,zombies,and imaginary superfriends-It says in the Bible that SW> unless one becomes like a little child, he shall in no wise enter the So the term "kiddie" fits you. So you want to waste life going through through it like a 4-year old? Tsk. You'll be the one missing out - not those of us who prefer more adult pursuits. SW> kingdom of heaven. What proof do you need Sue? Have you ever Something OUTSIDE the bible. Some indepenent physical evidence would be nice. But of course, you and your ilk can't provide that, can you? SW> read the parable of the rich man and Lazerus? When they died, the rich SW> man wanted to go back to tell his family the truth, but he got the SW> answer "there's an impassible gulf," and "that they have the Bible-its SW> enough." God gave His Word-the Bible. Its how one grows to And Krshna gave HIS word - the Bhagavad-Gita. And the Sumerian gods gave their word in the Upanishads. And the activities of the Greek gods are clearly told in the Iliad and the Odyssey. SW> maturity in the Faith. ive read all kinds of books Sue. I wasnt always Which ones? SW> a born again Christian either. In fact-up until about 5 years ago-I SW> was heavily into the new age movement. So I know where your at with SW> all this. But I decided to leave the "fairy tales" behind and worship SW> the Lord Jesus Christ. As for me wanting to be like "my dead You traded in one set of fairy tales for another. Not much of an improvement there. SW> pal"-I really dont know what you mean. It says in the Bible that "It SW> is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me." Christ died to Is he wearing a condom, at least? Didn't know you were into necrophilia. You really ARE one sick puppy. SW> pay the price for mans sinful ways. He rose from the grave on the SW> third day and is now seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven. Got any EVIDENCE of that? Got any evidence that dead men get up and walk? Do you believe in vampires and zombies too? Got any evidence that your god exists to the exclusion of all others? SW> It says in the Bible "And having spoiled principalities and powers, He SW> made a show of them openly,triumphing over them in it." Again it says SW> "Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of the flesh and blood, SW> He also likewise took part of the same; that through death, He might So he and the kiddies he hung around with are cannibals? Are you a cannibal, too? SW> destroy him that had the power of death, that is the devil; and Got any evidence of "devils"? SW> deliver them who through fear of death were all their liftime subject "Fear of death" is a natural response. It's what keeps living things from deliberately walking into situations that get them killed. People and animals who deliberately and repeatedly put themselves into dangerous situations are rightly considered to be mentally ill. So, too, are people who just can't wait to die. SW> to baondage." It also says "Behold I give unto power to tread on SW> serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing SW> shall by anymeans hurt you." It was nescessary that Christ OK. We'll get you some serpents and scorpions. Perhaps you'd also like to take the Rudzinski Mark 16:18 test. If you drink the beverage he (or someone willing to take his place) gives you and you survive, you'll likely win a lot of converts here on this echo - including myself. So, are you willing to drink the poison cocktail? According to Mark 16:18, you won't be hurt - if you're truly "saved". SW> should die to pay the price for our sinful ways; and to bring SW> judgement to the god of this world. It says in the Bible "And angels Got any evidence of these men with wings? Don't they strike you as being ridiculously close to myths about men with horse's bodies, lions with wings, leprechauns, and fairies? SW> who kept not their own domain but abandoned their poroper abode, He SW> has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the jugdment of the great And what day might that be? Got it marked on your calendar? SW> day." As for me being in this world-Im only here for as long as SW> The Lord God Almighty permits. But the hour is here, even at the door. So you think you're just a puppet on a string. Cut the ropes, Pinnochio, and take charge of your own destiny. Or are you too scared to? I think you are. You admitted you were a crystal-weenie before you turned into a fundy-weenie - not much of a big difference between the two, really. In both cases, you believe you're nothing more than a leashed dog, under stupournatural control. SW> Also-how could you say that I threatened you? Prayer is about When a Christian says "I'll pray for you", it's a threat to sic his imaginary god on others, in hopes that said god will interfere with that person's life without that person's consent. Fortunately for us, your YHWH doesn't exist. SW> love-not hate. It says in the Bible that the prayers of the righteous Then you won't mind if I have Gwenny sacrifice that horse for you to her gods, eh? SW> availeth much. As for "evidence"-you have access to a Bible, SW> and a mouth to pray with. You have everything you need to get your SW> "evidence". But how do you expect to find if you dont look? Im I have my eyes, my ears, my mind (something you don't have - a mind), and my other senses. Yet nothing available to these senses has ever pointed directly and unambiguously to your precious god, which exists only in your limited imagination. SW> not your enemy Sue. Jesus Christ said "Behold I stanmd at the door and SW> knock, if any man hears and opens up the door i will go and sup with SW> him. Well, I haven't heard anyone knocking at MY front door. And I don't mean some silly metaphysical door either - tell him to show up and physically knock on my REAL front door. Bet he won't do it - I give both YHWH and Jesus a week to show up corporeally at my apt door. Since they're all-powerful, they should be able to get past security in the lobby. Nope. Not here yet. Tell 'em they can also phone me if they don't care for tea. They should have the number. --Wolfie "Immortality isn't about living forever - it's about making the most of the time ye do have." --Hudson ... My god _is_ real! I carved him myself!


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