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By: David Worrell Re: republicans Of people planning to vote in the republican primaries, over 80% say they are not members of the "religious right," and 49% say the "religious right" are more likely to divide the party than strengthen it. 53% say the government should not promote one set of moral values over another. 38% of republican primary voters describe themselves as Pro-Choice, while only 33% describe themselves as "pro-life" (sic). A mere 6% say a candidate's stand on abortion will be the single most important factor in their choice of candidate. Only 13% have a favorable opinion of Christian Coalition leader Smiling Pat Robertson; 29% have an unfavorable rating of him. Even more, the poll shows that republican presidential candidates are losing more votes than they are winning by pandering to the Religious Reich. Only 21% said they would be more likely to vote for a candidate if "conservative Christian (sic) leaders" endorse that candidate. This might explain the candidates woefully low favorable ratings with members of their own party. Bob Doleful has the highest favorable rating, but it's only 39%, 17% unfavorable. Pat "Culture War" Buchanan and Phil "I Want to be President" Gramm are tied for second with 19% favorable ratings. Both are outnumbered in their unfavorable ratings, though: Gramm has 22% unfavorable, Buchanan 29%. The only other candidate with a double digit favorable rating was $teve Forbe$, at 13%. If Gingrich Khan thinks he should get in the race, his numbers aren't much better -- only 28% of republican primary voters give him a favorable rating, with 21% unfavorable. Of course that is better than his utterly dismal 6% favorable rating among all Americans, with a 44% unfavorable rating. The Religious Reich has demanded that their agenda be first and foremost with the GOP (Updates #28 and #31) or they'll split from the party. With only about 20-30% of the GOP supporting that agenda, it looks like they'll have to split. (For results of the entire poll, see the New York Times, 10/30/95, page A10) ... Q: How do you tell when a blonde reaches orgasm? A:Who cares?


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