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By: David Rice To: Tim Mcgaughy Re: Worse until 1st comming -=> Quoting Tim Mcgaughy to Kenneth Mcabee <=- >KM> Not whining about how bad it is BTW, it has get even >KM> worse before Christ returns[sic]. So hang on, you ain't >KM> seen noth yet. One would expect that a Christ would have to show up previously before it can "return." TM> Spooky. It ain't as bad as it was during WW 1, Chuckles. TM> Come to think of it, things are better than they were TM> during the fall of Rome. TM> TM> Basically, Chuckles, it's ALREADY BEEN WORSE. Nothing TM> happened, then, except that we picked up the pieces and TM> moved on. So what's this about things just now getting TM> bad? I have pondered the question of the "Religious Right" and their actions in this context. It seems patently obvious that the "'Christian' Coalition" and their minions are going out of their way to make things much worse, thus hearlding their god's return. It makes a great deal of spooky sense, since "Pat" Robertson states that the world MUST get worse before his Jesus comes back. Take a look at what the "Religious Right" is trying to achieve: the eradication of public education, thus forming an elite few whom can affort to purchase an education; the "dumming down" of education in general, to the extent that American cannot compete with other nations economically; the elimination of welfare, whereby millions of people (mostly children and women) must live even more squalid, miserable lives--- which boosts church attendance; the elimination of most, if not all, birth control, which makes a huge labor surplus--- people will consider themselves luckly to get a job that pays a dollar a day; deregulation of industry, which has ALWAYS resulted in ecological disaster; "free trade," where employers may pay less than a living wage; accentuating superstition and dread among the population, offering "prayer" and wishful thinking as one means, if not the "best," to address socity's problems; the elimination of basic Constitutional rights such as unlawful search and seizure, presumbed innocence, and the right of self-defense against attack; the deliberate bankrupting of the nation's tresury, making the nation go from the biggest creditor nation to the biggest debtor nation, ala Bush and Reagan; the deliberate bankrupting of Social Security, ala Bush and Reagan; the vilification and demonizing of liberal compassion, libertine goals, and works of social well-being. I think that the "Religious Right" believes that their god will only return when humanity has gone beyond the point of self-succor. When humanity can no longer save itself, and starts to die in droves, then and ONLY then, will their god come. So they are actively working to bring about this point of human disaster. I can think of no other theory for why the "Religious Right" is trying to do what it is. ... "Instant fundy: just add flood water and bake in hell to taste." -- HP


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