By: John Prewett Re: Satan's influence @PID: MACWOOF 1.5.3 From- Daily News Miner [Fairban

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By: John Prewett Re: Satan's influence @PID: MACWOOF 1.5.3 From- Daily News Miner [Fairbanks, AK newspaper] 19 March, 1995 [their headline] ANCHORAGE KILLER BLAMES 'DEVIL' Satanism had role in death of student The Associated Press ANCHORAGEŅA 29-year-old Anchorage man who said he believed he was the "devil" faces a 99 year sentence after he confessed to killing a university student. Ray Rice pleaded guilty Friday to a count of first-degree murder, saying in a quiet voice that he had had time to reflect on the slaying and was unconcerned about the amount of time he would serve. Rice said he knew he was guilty and did not want to fight the charge or hold out for a lighter term. "When I first struck the man, that's when I probably decided to kill him," he said. "This is where all my belief in satanism comes in. At the time, I felt I was the devil. I felt powerful." The hearing, which had been continued after a judge wanted to be sure Rice's decision was not rushed, preceded a sentencing set for June. "I've been thinking more about what I've done and who I've wronged," Rice said, referring to the relatives of 22-year-old Alexi Kaptanian, whose body was found near a bike path in September. "If I ever expect them to forgive me, then I should by all means 'fess up to what I've done." A California psychiatrist said Rice had suffered a fractured childhood at the hands of abusive siblings, a father who beat him and a mother who drank heavily. Dr. Albert Globus said Rice was placed in a series of foster homes and institutions, suffered from seizures, and did not speak for a year after the family home was flooded. Globus said Rice eventually came to identify with Satan, Charles Manson and Rice's older brother. -END QUOTE-


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