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From: ("Rick Moen") To: Date: 5 Jan 1995 00:19:19 U Re: Geller capitulates From: X-Genie-Id: 2454953 X-Genie-From: JAMES.RANDI IT'S ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTING, 'CAUSE THE FAT LADY SANG! Uri Geller, the former psychic superstar, has capitulated 100% after having brought some seven lawsuits against me and persons and organizations connected with me. He lost them all, as did a "parapsychologist" pal of his who sued me for $13,000,000 last year. In the process, which lasted for several years, none of the defendants paid out a nickel to Mr. Geller, though the costs of defense were of course very high. Geller is presently ordered to pay $149,000 to one defendant. In referring to an appeal Geller made to them concerning that payment, the U.S. Court of Appeals referred to Geller's "litigious nature" and said in their decision that I had been . . . exposing various Geller feats as the fraudulent tricks of a confidence man. In a 1992 book published in the UK, author Stuart Sutherland wrote, speaking of Margery Crandon and Uri Geller: . . . such frauds have usually been detected not by physicists, nor by psychologists, but by magicians . . . Now there's a statement that could not possibly have gotten by Geller, yet he didn't sue. Why? Because I believe that he was only after me and my colleagues. That's rather a compliment, in a way, but an expensive one. In any case, it didn't work. Not for a moment did I give up my attacks on Geller's claims, nor will I. You can bet I'll be doing a book on this episode, and it will make use of GREAT material that was developed as a result of the investigations of Geller in relation to these legal matters. He really opened Pandora's Box when he took me on via the courts. The UK papers have been calling me about the capitulation of Geller, the BBC is talking about doing a program (similar to the NOVA show I did) on me and my work, and I have an offer for my own radio show, similiar to the one I did on WOR-Radio many years ago. So, late in 1995, I'll be getting back on my feet. There is simply no way that I can begin to thank my many, many friends out there who stood by me during this battle. Your support was essential, and I would have gone into bankruptcy had it not been for the many financial contributions that came in. I still have the James Randi Fund going (c/o Suite L. 3555 West Reno Street, Las Vegas, NV 89118) to clear up the expenses, and once that account is settled, I can go about my business once more. If 1995 can be as good to you as it will be to me, the happiness quotient of the whole world will go up a point or two. Yes, the good guys win sometimes, and the fight is worth it all, whatever the price. Boy, do I sleep well! James Randi.


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