By: Dan Mckinnon Re: PSYCHIC CHALLENGE MADE? I'm posting this without comment, from anothe

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By: Dan Mckinnon Re: PSYCHIC CHALLENGE MADE? I'm posting this without comment, from another conference. Frankly, I'm skeptical without more info from purported challengers (viz., is the 100,000 in trust or guaranteed in some way?, to start) - DAN BBS: Canada Remote Systems Date: 07-05-93 (00:50) Number: 8114 From: WILLIAM WHITNEY Refer#: NONE To: ALL Recvd: NO Subj: Psychics Challenge Conf: (1858) R-STRANGE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I thought the following would be of interest to this conference: ^^^ ANNOUNCEMENT ^^^ Dated: 7.5.93: Vol. No.: .^.65.001a|2449174 <*<* SPECIAL $100,000+ *>*> <*<* CEL\e:Skeptics/Psychics Challenge! *>*> In it's Premier E-Mag Edition of "Stones Weekly" -- (SW) (tm) [or just plain SoW] -- CEL\e Productions has chosen to announce and feature it's $100,000.00 Skeptics/Psychics Challenge Team Sponsorship! The Challenge Team is open to ALL who would demonstrate individual or collective psychic talents. CEL\e's Special Productions Group will electronically "screen test" and initiate the selection of a minimum of ten (10) to a maximum of sixteen (16) empathic psychics to participate as the CEL\e: Skeptics/Psychics Challenge Team. The Challenge contains over $100,000.00 U.S. Dollars in prize monies to be awarded those who establish proof of ANY, repeat ANY, psychic abilities! Each final team member and ALL applicants who participate in the Challenge will share in the $100,000+ Reward offered for "proof" of psychic powers! With a personal prize potential of $5,000-$7,500 per Challenge Team member, the competition for positions is expected to be razor keen. If successful, the prize monies will be split into a maximum of twenty (20) equal shares with each team member receiving a full share. Of the remaining shares, two will be paid to CEL\e for sponsoring and coordinating the Challenge Team with the remaining two-eight shares being pooled and split equally amonst all Special PET* Support Team members (non-selected applicants). The Challenge Team of Psychics, or "Cyber-Psis" (tm) as they have been dubbed, will take on the task of "consensually" solving the Skeptics Challenge. Non-selected applicants will be invited to participate as Special PET Support Team Members and will become the psychic "resource" bank of advisors and consultants for the Challenge Team. Full details are contained in CEL\e's pre-publication e-mag announcement which is FREQable as "" from the addresses below. Questions and comments are invited either in this conference or at the e-mail addresses below. MindeWare (tm) FREE editions of the Premier E-Mag Edition of "Stones Weekly" will be available thru your local BBS' Reading Rooms and FREQable as above on 7.15.93. * PET: Personal ExTensions (tm) - A copyrighted "psychic" enhancement program published by CEL\e Productions, Inc. <<<===============================^v^==============================>>> >> Stones >>


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