By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Priest to be Boycotted +quot;PRIEST+quot; TO BE BOYCOTTED Walt

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By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Priest to be Boycotted "PRIEST" TO BE BOYCOTTED Walt Disney Co. will be boycotted by two Roman Catholic organizations because one of its subsidiaries has produced a film in which priests are portrayed in sexual situations illicit in Roman Catholic theology. The film, titled "Priest," depicts five fictional priests, one of whom commits adultery and one of whom is a homosexual. "Priest" was produced by Miramax. American Life League, an anti-abortion group, and the Catholic League are calling for the boycott, which includes all Disney products, the Disney Channel, Disney World and Disneyland. The American Life League also wants Disney to fire Michael Eisner, its chief executive, and for the company to issue a public apology "to every Christian in the country." The American Life League claims 300,000 members. Its members are largely Catholic. The Catholic League and the American Life League want Disney to withdraw the film from the market entirely. Last week, the two groups succeeded in forcing Miramax to change the release date of the film from Good Friday. Now, they threaten to "jam" Disney's telephone lines with complaints. They have been joined by The Timothy Plan, a mutual fund that invests only in "pro-family" companies. Walt Disney Company will appear on the company's "forbidden list" of stocks in which it will not invest, along with companies involved with abortion, pornography, casino gambling, tobacco, and alcohol. "It is long past time for the Christian communities to stand united and hold these companies accountable for the filth they continue to churn out," said Arthur D. Ally, president of the Timothy Plan, on Wednesday, March 29.


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