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By: DAVID RICE To: DAN CEPPA Re: Beat Women, for god! >DR> "Promise Keeper" maifesto? It's unmasked evil is >DR> disgusting, 1. A Promise Keeper is committed to honoring >DR> Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, and obedience to >DR> His[sic] Word[sic], [....] DC> The fact that they need a god to make sure that they DC> follow through on what their consciences says that they DC> should already makes what they do suspect. DC> DC> Can't they do anything on their own volition? That is one of the reasons I consider the cult evil. Their so-called morals and alleged ethics are based upon external mandates, not internal precepts. How is it that a person can feel the need to adopt a written code of respectable behavior, when such behavior should have been socialized into one by at least puberty, or at most late teens? Mandated behavior holds -NO- "honor," and it tends to last only as long as someone else is standing watch over such a person. Some of the codes are out-right evil (such as placing worship of imaginary superfriends before ones' spouse and family, and mandating tithing). Others are positive goals that are foul and beshitted by their means to attain those goals. One example: I honestly do not understand how someone feels the need to take a vow, like the "Promise Keepers'" code #6, to go out of ones' way and make it a point to talk with someone from "a different race." Isn't living itself sufficiant enough cause to work and interact with people of "a different race?" Where I live (Dana Point, California), cosmopolitanism is taken for granted. The bottom line is, the "Promise Keepers'" manifesto does not build the character and integrity of cult members: it merely mandates a CONTRIVED, coercive code of behavior--- behavior that any social being should have internalized while a teen. ... Why would God require that I not think in order to be "saved?" *


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