Here is the latest newsletter from the nice folks at Orvotron. Enjoy! ORVOTRON The East Co

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Here is the latest newsletter from the nice folks at Orvotron. Enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------- ORVOTRON The East Coast Power Point BIMONTHLY NEWSLETTER MAY\JUNE 1992 E-Mail Fido 1:379/703 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings Ascending Star People. Those of you who received our last newsletter have now had some time to digest the information it contained. For those of you not yet aware, there are many things happening that are directly related to the arrival of the Photon Belt and the BIG picture which is covertly going on under your noses by those in control of Earth. Our main focus here at Orvotron is and has been to keep people informed and therefore alive until this cycled event occurs. Let us look at this as a new reality that we will experience by being here on Earth during this event. Every twelve thousand years this same cycle is repeated and it has a significant purpose. That purpose is to keep Earth in a correct Source vibration in relation to all the rest of creation. When worlds and systems sink into the lower frequency of imbalance it is usually the result of some external source which intervened and created a change. That is what happened on Earth. Intruders not only took over this once peaceful world but also created within the root race a belief in separateness from the Source by eliminating the commonly understood knowledge of how the Divine Plan works. Thus, control replaced individual sovereignty The Wheel of Life within The LAW of ONE was purged from people's minds as the correct way to live. Living on planet Earth was very different five thousand years ago. There were no wars or weaponry anywhere on the planet. There were no religions or dogmas to follow as life was based on the complete understanding of the LAW OF ONE. After the take over occurred life radically changed. Rules were applied where there were none before and the controlling group demanded they be enforced. If these rules weren't followed and kept in strict obedience death was the result. The first rule was that people were no longer allowed to talk directly to God. The second rule was that promoting children to talk to God (which they do naturally) was not allowed. Even today this rule is practiced when society members denounce the invisible connection children have with their inner guidance and secret friends. Children soon learned to turn away from their inner voices and invisible friends as they came to believe they didn't exist or were of the Devil. This in turn became a habit that was passed from one generation to another. Now people are complying with these rules and no one can remember when or where they came from. This behavior became an integral part of the belief systems passed down from parent to child. Once this phase was complete religions were created around certain truths as ways of getting the people to freely follow a doctrine. Then real control was in place and those who knew the truth could now rule behind the cloak of deceit. Division occured within the original group that descended and people were divided into various sects. The Controllers were still in control but they were now fractionalized into different doctrines and societies that became quite different from each other which created further separation. Each then formed governments and these sects then became countries. Cross breeding took place when the Controllers wanted to possess the beautiful daughters of man and the resultant offspring then began to walk the Earth. People soon forgot they were held in bondage and began worshiping the lesser gods that earlier had forcibly taken over this planet. This worship has proceeded to the present day. These beings are still secretly in control and ruling this world today. They are more fully aware of cycled events than those that under went the induced state of forgetfulness. The fallen angels erased from the memory of the original race the pathway to receive Source awareness. It was done in such a way that it became buried ever deeper in illusion and each successive generation was less aware of their true connection to the Source. Thus, social consciousness became based on half-truths and false doctrines that many believe to this very day. Not one of the previously advanced, peaceful and loving societies exists today. All knowledge and records remain hidden or have been destroyed. This knowledge has been virtually forgotten and unearthed reports of it are held from the eyes of the public when any evidence of it are found. Omni magazine did an article a few years ago which reported evidence of such a culture and how this information is being ridiculed by the accredited archeological and scientific circles. Information regarding what was here on Earth is selectively censored and is not released or reported to the public. You may now be wondering why the secret government would feel threatened by information of this nature being made public. The answer is actually quite simple. If we had a model of a peaceful society based on love and equality to compare with ours the masses might insist on changes which would cause the governments to loose their control. Remember, THOUGHT CREATES, so thoughts in this direction could start a revolution that would undermine the control and domination presently ruling on Earth. This is one reason why worldwide acceptance of peace based in love for ALL has been so elusive on this planet. So where do we go from here as the plot thickens and the eradication program begins to be noticed as it accelerates? The plagues are here people and it is not just AIDS. Just look around you. The full extent of the Photon Light Cloud is due here before 1997. Is it mere coincidence that (as stated in Matrix II) AIDS was designed to eradicate two-thirds of Earth's population before 1996 and the Photon Cloud will be here no later than 1997? Think about it for a minute. If you are not fully "awake" then you're at least partially living the illusion. By giving away your individual power you become part of the collective force of energy which is creating the mess found on Earth today. I realize it can be very difficult to refuse to continue to follow. But, knowing that something is dreadfully wrong and simultaneously allowing your energy to be drained off in that direction is also dreadfully wrong. One by one we must make a stand by changing our thinking and removing our energy from the illusionary mass consciousness that has created a suffering and dying world. The Wheel of Life will be restored when the Photon Cloud arrives to put it back in place. When this occurs it will happen very quickly. The survivors will be those who have persisted against those who would destroy Earth with little concern for life. I hope a lot of the "fence sitters" are reading these words because when the Photon Cloud arrives it will be too late to jump off the fence saying I'm ready to do my part. The silver disks will have been activated, launched and all negativity will be eliminated by them and the quickly rising energies. Those present at this time will have first hand experience as to what "Cosmic Fire" is as it purifies Earth. So, Dear Ones, if you're still here in your physical bodies when the Photon Belt arrives and has cleansed the Earth you will have entered a very new and different aspect of why you were created. You will be much more aware of your created forms as images of God. As it stands now we are being used and abused by a system directly run by fallen angels that can and are trying to destroy us before this opportunity can change us back to the way we were originally created. Once this new awareness is experienced then equality will reign supreme and they can no longer deceive or control through deceit and our dependency upon them. Perhaps you can now see the reason for censoring information. People fully aware are not easily controlled because they make decisions in their lives based on reality not on deceptions which create illusion. So, by following anything other than your "inner guidance" on your path to ascension you may very well be led down an alley with no exits leading you toward extinction. ( The Big and Little Picture ) Now is the time to open your eyes and see the big picture versus the small one you call your life. It is time to see the deceit and traps meant to destroy you before the Photon Belt arrives. Once here it will change all life on Earth back to its original, lighter, quicker energy blue print and design. Another way of viewing the present scenario on Earth is that there are two distinctly different dramas being played out. One is the small picture - what each of us sees as our personal life and how that relates to others. The second one is the BIG picture which many refuse to acknowledge or see because they are preoccupied with the little picture. In actuality the Big picture is delegating your survival and existence as a life form. The BIG picture is the one we are trying to bring to your attention through this newsletter and other interactions we have set in place as it represents the real events that affect all life on this planet until the change time occurs. The governments of the world spend more money concealing the truth from "the people" than they do on concealing one government's secrets from another. By encouraging us to be preoccupied with the little picture (what we need personally - materialistically - and how we are going to survive) they focus our attention away from the big picture. The BIG Picture is what is affecting and controlling our lives and is the result of the Earth's current problems. If thought creates and if a majority of the people changed their thinking through understanding the Big Picture clearly it would undermine their control. We would realize that we could make changes and eliminate the events which are now creating a deteriorating world of much suffering. Meanwhile however, the Controllers have never lost sight of the original line that seeded the cross with the daughters of man. They still control the world today but are never seen for who or what they really are. Things for which they are responsible never seem to get traced back to them to expose their part in "man's inhumanity to man". This is easily accomplished because they have absolute control of information to the point of spreading disinformation when a leak does occur. In addition, wealth secretly flows back to them in tribute to their secret rule. In this country alone almost two billion dollars a day flows to them from the common man's pocket. This missing wealth is called the National Debt which is transferred to a private corporation called the Federal Reserve. This "bank" prints bogus money without equivalent backing and sets interest rates that control how much money will go back to them. The Federal Reserve is not a part of the U.S. government, conceived and or ratified by Congress or the people, as many believe. It is a private corporation run by the secret government that rules the world. To enforce the tribute, a collection system was set up and it was called the Internal Revenue Service to assure that money is collected and flows out of this country. This a private concern, not of your government, and has power over laws which affect everyone but them! They act under complete immunity from any laws. The collection of taxes based on a phony debt flow back to the secret government's coffers. Every government on Earth exists as a puppet or front for their control and presence. Now maybe you can see the importance of "thought creates" and group mind and how it effects the Controllers rule of Earth. Once people shift their thinking away from the existing shams and quit giving their power away they will be free to create a world based on peace, love and harmony. This can stop the moment you see it and decide to change it! ( Love In Flowing Energy ) If you reverse the spelling of the word "life" it reads "efil" which can mean "Energy Flowing in LOVE". Now let's look at the word "live" in reverse. It spells "evil". The fall was the forced separation from direct communication with God and thus the freedom to be sovereign individuals in free and abundant life. We learned to just "live" out our existence without God's guidance and the result has been much evil on this planet. Just living became a substitute for the once free, abundant and flowing LIFE based on love of all life that once existed on Earth. What is beautiful about the Wheel of Life is that each part supports all the other parts creating abundance in a healthy, renewing Wheel. Look at the world today and you can readily see how living minus the Law of One in the Wheel of Life is destroying all vibrant life. To just LIVE without respect for LIFE is EVIL (which, of course, is the word "live" in reverse). This simple statement is the heart of the dilemma, the root of all that will be changed. Today free thinkers are trouble makers (those who act and think differently from the group excepted way) and are punished quickly through the enforcement of many laws. I'm referring to the common man who wishes to establish a freer, more simple life based on just KNOWING the correct way to exist. At every turn we are subject to yet another law which ultimately puts money in the hands of those who control us by their devious, deceitful actions and deeds. Those who foolishly believe everything told them are being led astray. Since most folks aren't in touch with their inner guidance they can only rely on what another says. They should at least try to analyze situations by staying informed about the Big picture and what their "leaders" are really doing. Unfortunately, this information too is censored and most folks refuse to even try to see the bigger, clandestine picture. They are easily mislead into thinking the government knows what is in their best interest and that this is only that which is good for the whole. This is unfortunate and living such an artificial, uninvolved, plastic life is what I consider the real reason for all the suffering and pain that is now supporting all that is EVIL. These people are simply perpetuating a system which is plotting their demise. I wish the words "WAKE-UP WAKE-UP!" were all that was necessary to cause everyone to really see and think as sovereign beings, but that is not reality yet on Earth. Most people today are not living LIFE in control of it, but are simply paying tribute to it. LIFE (Love In Flowing Energy) is now practically nonexistent and we have lost what God originally intended - our right to a free, abundant life based on love. Perhaps you can come up with some anagrams of your own. Play with the idea for a while as it could be quite enlightening. Informing others presents a great challenge. With our ranks very confused and divided it is not an easy job at this late date. Many are helping the foe by following anything other than their own inner guidance, Spirit. Perhaps now would be a good time to ask if you are one of those whose job it is to keep things on track in the Mission of Earth's Ascension - the return of Heaven on Earth. We came here to expose the illusion based on deceit and lies and to awaken others to the power of love. Those who survive until the time of change, the arrival of the Photon Belt, will become eternal beings in their Earth bodies, not souls separate from their earthly vehicles. Mere words, pretty or not, will not accomplish the intended purpose of our Mission. When the Photon Belt arrives Body, Mind and Spirit will merge into perfect balance in each of us. Then the Illusion will be put to rest, and we will become Eternal Beings. The Truth, although ever present, does not easily get out through the cracks in the existing censorship program. Because a lack of a coordinated effort which would unite our group does not yet exist our forces remain divided. This allows the better funded dark forces to suppress and debunked what does slip through the cracks. We must make every effort possible to support those who have withstood the assault and continue to get out the necessary information. This means exchanging mailing lists, trading information and communicating ideas which will bring us closer together not farther apart. ( Earth Changes ) Weather patterns and natural "happenings" are still heading toward very distinct patterns of change. Every effort is being put forth from on high and below to decrease the effects of these changes so they will not destroy large portions of the Earth's surface and life. More volcanoes will start to awaken worldwide and this sleeping energy will bring forth new, clean life as Mother Earth sheds herself of pollution and begins her renewal. The asteroid, now reduced in size by the space brothers, is on an altered trajectory that cannot be monitored by the Earth governments. This was done to prevent nuclear missile launches into space. The reduced size will lessen the effects of the upheavals that would have resulted upon impact. Certain aspects of these changes, such an axis shift, still need to occur and remain part of the altered plan. This shift will result in a more equalized and warmer climate worldwide opening new opportunities for Earth and her inhabitants in her return to the garden state of her past existence. Water, the most imminent threat at present, will still effect low lands and in some instances reach as far inland as the mountains in the first wave of energy caused by the impact. Particular areas to watch are the southern and gulf coasts of the eastern and southern United States and South America. Expect larger than normal quake activity to come this summer and extend into 1993 effecting the western hemispheres and certain parts of the east coast. This kind of activity, for the most part, will be censored by the news media. We will be constantly monitoring this and will give details as necessary, especially where human life may be affected. In addition to all of the above energy patterns effecting people will be one of a greater magnitude on the awakening process. When this is fully in place a much more unified team will have then evolved. Those tuned in through their inner guidance will find themselves in positions of leadership as they receive direction through this important connection. The foundations for this are what we are creating now. Dates of these events are not important if all of us work not so much on personal evolution, but on hearing the voice within. After listening we must learn do as instructed without hesitation as the already ascended masters we are. ( The Pyramid ) Love donations for this project are still needed as the pyramid is far from complete. It is a structure from which many can benefit by spending time there due to the high energy it is receiving and transmitting. Many have taken advantage of this already and reports of various individual psychic experiences are too lengthy to share here. My thoughts are that this powerful energy vortex to personal awakening goes beyond the pyramid's grid function and will help many. There are other levels of activation focused upon those who understand tenth, eleventh and twelfth density devices. The placement of these will occur in the next steps of construction. Once again there is a time limit for completion of this phase so we really need to get this done early this year. It is my hope that those who contributed in the past are still with us in this venture and that many now unknown to us will link up and become involved in the activities here at Orvotron. It has been estimated that via computer and sharing about 600,000 people worldwide read this newsletter. Needless to say we certainly haven't had direct contact with that many. If you aren't a subscriber please consider pitching in to help us achieve our goal. We are part of a God based team whose purpose is to restore Earth to a world of Peace, Love, and Harmony. We, and others like us around the world, are to create a free, abundant and loving future for all life on this planet. Even if you do not support our work if YOU can step beyond social consciousness we need your help. It is your planet and by helping us to bring about Heaven on Earth you will reap the benefits of a new reality. It is time to not only attempt to see beyond the illusion but also to join with others in creating positive change on this planet based in Love of all life. We love ALL of you reading these words, won't you join us? ( Power Trips, Egos and Earth Evacuation ) Some were dismayed by Aryaana Sheran's (The Cloverleaf Connection) statement that there was not going to be an Earth evacuation. If there is going to be an evacuation of this planet, I for one, am not waiting for it to occur. Although I do have memory of coming here on a ship from afar I'm not sitting here screaming "get me out of here" or "rescue me". I'm so engrossed in doing what I agreed to do that if at some point my inner guidance tells me I'm leaving then I will be prepared. My understanding is that "no one" is leaving until the job is finished, although some may be replaced if they aren't doing their agreed part in the Mission. It might be wise to think twice about "being evacuated" if and when one does occur, at least in the event that there is no apparent reason to be taken off yet. I'm saying this because many who are flocking to others instead of going within to find the truth aren't seeing the Big Picture. The Big Picture includes a "harvest" planned by the Reptilians and they could arrive in spaceships to remove "food" for their meat lockers. Many might be in for a rude shock believing they are being rescued when it is not yet necessary. Once the understanding is reached that everything you need to know is within you not without, you will stop looking for ways off this planet because you will have come to the realization that you are creating your reality. This is the path to being fully aware in your part in the Mission to create Heaven on Earth. Some of the recognized Earth-based Mission "leaders" have at times felt betrayed to the point they were ready to quit because other so-called leaders were not unifying our ranks but destroying them by belittling another to draw support to themselves. I too have been in this situation. Some of those doing this have been on power trips and way out in left field for a very long time but still people follow their every word. This must stop! One piece missing to the puzzle destroys the picture. The global percentage of "doers" is increasing as more are now coming out from the sidelines, but getting your part to the picture comes from within not from someone else. Although those "doing" do not always get out the absolute correct message it is certainly not productive to cast out anyone on someone else's say so. None of us who are receiving information and then distributing it in any form are absolutely, one hundred percent efficient in doing so. Our intent to distribute information is not only part of our job in the Mission, but also a way to get feedback on how true it rings to everyone else. Some people are still following those writing what others want to hear rather than what really is and this hurts many who need support! GO IN! LISTEN! My interpretation of what Aryaana meant by there will not be an evacuation is: Until we get off our self-inflicted, woe is me and pity trips and do what we agreed to do no one is leaving. There are times I find fault in what another puts out because I do not "feel" it is absolutely correct. At some point or another I usually examine why I feel so strongly and then my inner guidance kicks in and more pieces of the puzzle are put in place. This is the reason I harp constantly for others to open their own inner guidance and quit looking to others for all the answers. Half truths, lies and deceit are easily bought by many. Unfortunately this at times diverts much needed support from individuals doing the Mission work here on Earth assignment. We have been and still are actively trying to unify the world into one vibrant family of God creating a world of peace, love and harmony. Read below what Ashtar channeled to Aryaana. Peace and Love, Kortron ( World Wide Unification of the Ashtar Command ) The following channeled information was sent to us by Aryaana Sheran (The Cloverleaf Connection, 922 - 112th St., N. Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada 59A 2L3; 306/446-3249) after a phone conversation in which world unification was discussed. She is a long time channel for Ashtar and has many uplifting and informative tapes, booklets and messages available. We hope you will contact her and offer your support in whatever way possible. She is truly a valuable ally in the Mission and her connection is amazingly pure. Dalphiaana (D): Kortron suggested that we, of all the bases, get together at sometime in the near future. It would be a good idea for people to get together who are working for The Light in networking and in other ways. Ashtar (A): Of course we have been campaigning for this for many months and several years. This is what your letters to the bases in the past have been about. An eventual meeting is very very high in priority, for the unification of the effort upon the Earth to work with us is very crucial. D: Do you see that forthcoming in the near future Ashtar? A: No. I do not see this. The reason is simple logistics. The long distances of travel, as well as the, we may call it stubborn attitude of some of the self proclaimed leaders of the Light. If anybody can get this project off the ground; however, it would be Kortron. Your efforts will not be wasted in trying to achieve this, and it will occur within the next three years. D: I would think so! Many other things are going to be occurring within the next three years. I think a sort of unified front is a wonderful idea. A: Indeed. Until the time that the Ashtar Command is unified upon the Earth in ideas, in concepts and love, there will be those who put out information that is not upon our wave length. You see, it is a very complicated situation. There are many of you. Each has received a key or a piece of the puzzle. In order to make the puzzle picture complete, each has a part, and it would be good to all be together and to place all of those puzzle pieces together. As it is, you are all sitting in outlying areas, each with a puzzle piece, trying to fit it in. Into what? D: There isn't any concrete thing to fit it into! A: This is true, and so you are coming along with your puzzle piece one to another, such as, for example, you to Kortron. It rather fits, the only thing is there is a piece missing between. There are missing pieces. But you see, the reason that it is so complicated to get together is that there are people all over the world who have the puzzle pieces. D: Yes, we can see that. A: There are people in South Africa, there are people in eastern countries including the Orient and Russian countries. There are people in Europe of course and all up and down the North and South American continents. You in Canada and the United States are only a very small part of the whole, and so that is why I say to get everybody together who has the pieces may take three years. If, in the meantime, some of you can get together from America and Canada, perhaps you would realize more and strengthen more, and form perhaps some kind of a basic charter of Earth based Ashtar Command. I must warn you there are some who live upon the North American continent who are teachers of the command, and we love them dearly for they have put out many wondrous messages, but there are some who have decided to make the command their own, and they do not wish to share in any way. They do not wish to relinquish their puzzle piece to the greater good. They are holding onto their piece so the puzzle cannot be completed without them. It is a rather twisted thinking, but it is real. D: I didn't know that. A: Now, for you who have your puzzle pieces (or you may call them newsletters) in hand and you are willing to share, you are willing to give of your information freely, you are willing to contact; for you, the time is NOW! It is not necessary for you to be in person to person physical touch. You will be able to do much by the use of the mails and the telephone. If some of you can get together even half a dozen or so, it will begin to solidify the Ashtar Command on Earth. D: That will be good, at least it's a beginning. We of the North American continent could do this. Are there others in other parts of the Earth who feel they should be getting together in order to fit pieces together? Is this sort of a global happening? A: Yes. I have been asking this channel to unite our family for some years. These words have gone out to other channels and other channels are hearing them all over the world. The trouble is many of them do not know who the rest of their family is, or how to go about the unification plan. Both of you have traveled the North American continent to discover where these people who are working for the command live, and you have discovered their connections with you. Now that you have done this ground work others have also and when you connect one with the other the core will solidify. It is not our idea for each of the people who are channeling the Ashtar Command to become little robots under one leader. Never would we wish this to occur! The whole idea of various channels all around the world is to bring out new and different information from many sources, many minds. For example, scientific information can only come through a scientific mind. D: Yes, that's understandable. A: One channel will bring out something another could not possibly do. Yet, there will be a thread of the truth in the other's work, enough to keep that one abreast of confirmations that are coming to him so that he will continue his work. This is all an enmeshing of those puzzle pieces. It is all a Master Plan so you will all do your own work, and yet it confirmed in many little ways so that you will continue and be strengthened. Yes, it is our Master Plan not to have one teacher but to have the many. D: I love it! It's a fascinating picture that forms! A: Indeed! Each channeling that comes to an individual has come through that one because of his or her experiences, because of his or her education and mastery of the language, ideas and concepts, belief is all very complicated and the same thing could not possibly come through another, you see. But enough could come through the other to make the confirmations. Now, we are very happy, indeed, that you who have newsletters on this continent are as much in touch as you are. You are sharing the news that you write freely, in trades. You are telephoning when the finances permit and you are visiting if possible. Any seemingly difficult times that you have had in cooperation with another center has simply been tests of one, the other, or both. For you see, those who are the leaders of the Ashtar Command must be the MOST HIGHLY TESTED of any people upon the Earth at this time. You wonder perhaps "why am I going through all of this? Why do I not have help??" It is your tests. In order to be an Ashtar Command channel, you must have absolutely been through the karmic mill and come out smelling like a rose. D: H'm that makes sense, like tempered steel! A: Indeed, and those who are having trouble getting through that mill are finding difficulties health wise and with relationships. They also may need to take retreats in order to come to their own peace, so that they will be able to freely share with others. As you know, one of the biggest tests is that of judging others. It is necessary to learn that this is not up to any man upon the Earth plane, or any woman, allowing those other members of the Ashtar Command to come out with what they are receiving without condemning, without throwing stones. For you see, that person who has brought out something new has done so because of his or her experiences and belief systems, concepts and love. They have perhaps overstepped another person's boundaries, but in the end you will see the glorious finale that the Supreme Being has made for this Earth transition will blow everybody's belief systems sooner or later. D: I can't wait! I love the way you worded that "the glorious finale." It's beautiful! A: So you see, you of the Ashtar Command, who are bringing forth information, are doing so, one by one, in a way of love and sharing and caring. We thank each and every one of you and especially thank those who have had to go through much trauma in order to produce that which they are putting on paper and sending out to others. It is through their experience that the channels were able to be clear enough to bring new concepts through. There is much specific information that you will hear in the future about how this beautiful change of the Earth will occur. Many of those who bring this through are bringing forth theories. Do not take these concepts as real, as true, but as theories. If you will do this, then your belief systems will not be so shaken when the "grand finale:" occurs, because you see, nobody knows just exactly what will occur! There are a lot of people out there with a lot of questions, and they think they are getting answers. Indeed, many are, but there are so many alternatives in the Master Plan that even we do not know how it will all turn out. So what I am asking at this time is that you keep an open mind. Know the possible occurrences. Understand the theories when they come through. Take what you receive through your channel as a theory. D: Hypothesis? A: Hypothesis. For you see that's all it can be at this point. With this in mind, you will be able to be more open and allow your channel to open more to the possibilities of the near future. Now, dear ones, I thank you for listening, as I was on my soapbox there... D: That's all right. We get on our soapboxes once in a while too! We thank you for being with us. A: I would not object to your sending this to Kortron, or to taking excerpts out of it, perhaps, if you feel it would help in your communications. D: We shall do that. A: You see, that of the belief systems of people are so sacred to them. D: But really, that is the only basis that they have, is that right? A: Yes, and so when something occurs to change that belief system, they fight and fight and fight. I am simply asking now to have an open mind. If somebody says a meteor is going to fall in the middle of the USA in 1995, take it as a concept, as a possibility. For soon you will hear of another one, going to come in 1993. You see dear ones, if you live every day to its fullest and if you are indeed ready to make your transition into the Light on a daily basis, it will not matter to you when the meteor falls! D: Well, that's quite true... A: Did you have a question dear one? D: No, I'm just putting two and two together here. I suppose this is what we all do. It's typical. You will hear one thing happening from one channel and something else from another, just like the pieces of your puzzle. Something else will come from another area altogether and suddenly a light begins to dawn! It's very curious because even you don't know all the pieces, or how it's all going to end, so I think it's somewhat like an unfinished symphony. A: Indeed. D: I guess we are all curious about that glorious finale! A: There will be many, many people becoming more and more curious as time goes on, including the scientific community. My personal advice to you, when you get much input in this manner, is to hold the vision! How many times have I said those words! Hold the vision of the Earth in her transformed state in the higher dimensions as Light and Love with all occurring in Divine Order, and hold the vision of yourselves in your Light Body, living in the higher dimensions with Light and Love. If you do this, the way that it will occur itself will be Divine Order and will not matter to you. Now I will be the first one to say that it is necessary to get the word out to the people of these end times, but you see my emphasis is more upon the attitude to take toward the changes, and the way for each person to get through them, than it is specifically what event is going to occur at what time. This is the way we are urging you at Cloverleaf to do your teachings. D: We understand this and are grateful for your guidance. A: The main thing an individual can do to get through the next several years and through the changes is to look after himself or herself, to remain strong in bodily form and in mind and through that strength connect with others in a way of uniting minds and like attitudes. Therefore understanding will come, acceptance will come, and the changes will occur as they must. At this time now, I wish to thank Kortron for his wondrous endeavors at being in touch, at networking, at bringing through information and uniting our family. I give a vote of thanks to this one who is very very excited about the possiš%˘^bilities of change on your planet! D: Indeed, he is a hard worker, very diligent. A: He is one through whom we can bring information of very specific change. He is one who will accept some of the most energized ideas of our times. So you see, he is one who will stretch the minds of many...stretch their belief systems, so that when the actual occurrences happen, they will not be such a shock to people. It is very necessary at this time in the changes upon the Earth for each individual to take responsibility for educating themselves, for looking at the positive and also looking at the negative sides of the news, of each facet of the news that could possibly hold their interest. You see there are many many reasons for change. How often do you hear Aryaana say, "Yes, there's another reason we have to make changes on this Earth!! D: This is true. Nothing can remain in stasis. It all has to be in a state of flux in order to grow, does it not? A: Yes, but the turn around from negative to positive is the importance. So you see, if people hang around with their heads in the sand about the negative, then there can be no change to the positive but if they will educate themselves about the negative and talk among each other, then a group energy is created for positive change. You see, this is needed in so many areas of your lives. As you know dear Dalphianna, it is needed in education. D: Oh indeed, Yes! To be sure! A: But this is only one facet of the needed changes. If everybody upon the Earth could focus upon the positive instead of the negative, then the Earth would go into the Fifth Dimension tomorrow! D: Wouldn't that be wonderful! If people would just focus upon the positive! There has been so very much focus upon the negative in the seems this focus is almost deliberate. People seem to enmesh themselves in the negativity. They almost seem to be squashed by it, just as the Earth is being crushed by it. A: Just as Kuthumi has said once through this channel, "for some people it will take mountains to move them!" In other words their belief system is as strong as a mountain and therefore it will take the movement of mountains to change their minds. That is why the Earth has decided to do those things. She has decided to move mountains so that she can change! The "mountain" is belief systems of so many millions of people upon the planet. Billions! D: As John said last night, "There are very very few who are willing to listen". Multiply that by billions! A: Because of that, the Earth has decided to take matters into her own hands and she's doing it. Little by little, incident by incident, the changes are occurring. Do not fear relative to man's horrendous ideas to change Earth into even more negative situations, for these will all be changed and made light within the next several years. Just hold that vision, dear ones. Hold the vision of the beautiful Earth, cleansed, free, gleaming, brilliant as a gem in the firmament of the Universe! Be aware of those ideas that are occurring; however. Be aware, accept them as a fact and release them. Then, hold your vision! Now, dear one, do you have any questions or any comments? D: Last night I was reading your dissertation channeled by Crea on the possible manifestation of space ships and beings toward the end of 1992. It was a thrilling thought that we may see that come to pass. You had asked people to speak out about the Ashtar Command, and let people know about is so there will not be any fear. This struck a chord with me because I taught the little ones that the Universe is teaming with life, which is part of all creation. They know that other beings will be different from ourselves. The whole idea of beings from other planets is quite acceptable to the youngsters. My question is, should we be teaching more about the command through our communications than we already do? I have a funny feeling that if we got up on our soapbox and began to spout too much, people would be only too ready to knock the soapbox out from under us and stomp on us!! A: Indeed, discretion is always necessary, dear one! You are doing well in this center of getting the word out about the Ashtar Command in your own ways, in ways that are very acceptable. On a person to person basis, one must be aware of the other's belief system, then answer questions or converse as you are led. If each person listened to their guidance as they were in conversation, then more and more could come out. We wish very much to discourage the idea that we, of the Ashtar Command, are "spacemen." It is true that there are many many ships of the Ashtar Command that came from what you call "space". However, myself, Sanada, Korton, Hatonn, all of us who, through some people, have been called "space people", we are interdimensional beings who have come from a higher plane and we have not come to you on a space ship. The whole and entire Ashtar Command embodies so many people, including you on the Earth, others in craft, and those in the multidimensions, that you call invisible...even dear one, including the Deva Kingdom. So, that is why I say to take one facet of this and call everybody in the Command "space beings" is not correct. D: I understand. A: The word, "interdimensional", conveys the idea better, I would say, for even "intergalactic" does not encompass the vastness of the Command. D: I see. Thank you Ashtar. One question I would like to ask you. Can one of Earth who is of the Light, working on Earth, wearing a body, be a member of the Great White Brotherhood? A: Dear one! D: I just wanted to ask! A: You met one last night! One is sitting in your chair! What do you think, dear one? D: Well, I had an experience last night. From the depths of my being it seemed, came a pledge by my own higher self as a member of the Great White Brotherhood of re=dedication to the Father's Holy Plan, the Father's Holy Will. It was done in a deep meditative state. When it happened I thought "wow" that was so different and so strong, and it was something I must have known for aeons of time. I have been having difficulties getting rid of my unworthiness. Perhaps that was just a way of showing me how much I need to be rid of it all. A: Dear One, my heart goes out to you, but I wish you to know that you are totally worthy of standing up beside any of the masters that you know in the Great White Brotherhood, and acting as their partner. D: That's what happened! A: Dear one, all to assist you in your releasing of unworthiness. Now, I wish you to know that those who are channels of the Light are all Earth-based members of the Great White Brotherhood. They have all ascended before, many many years ago. It cannot even be counted in Earth years and aeons of course is nebulous for you. So you see, all who are on the Earth at this time in the Earth Mission have ascended before, and may therefore call themselves Earth-based members of the Great White Brotherhood. Understand that the Great White Brotherhood is universal. A Fireside Chat with Ashtar, March 22, 1992 (Tape 207, Disk 59) Channeled by Aryaana with comments from Dalphianna ( Sanctuary ) Easter weekend here was so full of Light and Love that it is very difficult to describe some of what transpired. A large group of beautiful Light beings arrived here from south Florida on Good Friday and they spent Saturday night in the pyramid. Later reports are that each of them experienced something quite spiritual. One person had a kundalini rush that so surprised her that she had to leave the pyramid energy for a while. Another was awakened from a sound sleep to find Jesus standing next to him and they conversed for about 20 minutes. These people came here with few expectations but were both open to sharing and receiving love and light. We've found that spiritual growth transpires in all those who consciously choose to experience it. Those who want to experience "something" which they do not clearly define are often disappointed or scared out of their wits when "something" does occur. The possibility to create the first Light Community in Columbia, South America was put into our ball park during the course of that weekend. One of the participants owns the equivalent of about 3,000 acres in the mountains there located very near the hot springs area. If anyone has received the call to work in Columbia get word to us. Pulling the North and South American continents back together seems to be a focus for many. This opportunity could create a base for the much needed communication between the two and could be a really fine step toward world unification. We are also now merging energy with the Rama groups in South America. These situations should create many posts of service and opportunity for those awakening to their call. Perhaps this may be the solution and GOD sent message to YOU. More will become available as people wake up to their roles in the Mission and locate the other puzzle pieces which fit next to their's. The beginning of April brought the worst snow and hail storm of the year and with it came a Light being who has been living in Italy for many years. He and a friend from the States were traveling around spreading the Light while touching base with other centers. They certainly made Stone Mountain shine during their brief visit! Three other long time supporters arrived just as the bulldozer was carving a new garden space out of the woods here last week. They had come to "help" in whatever way possible and help they did. We managed to get this garden area tilled before the newly turned ground had a chance to harden and before the rains hit a few days later. In addition, all the rooms on the lower level of the house where folks stay over night were purged of cobwebs and dust balls. It was Spring cleaning time and we now feel thoroughly cleansed and really prepared to open the doors wide! Our last newsletter contained much that was a "plea for help" in a lot of directions and we were indeed blessed with some needed help. It came in the form of some financial help, physical hands-on help, and phone calls and letters of support and appreciation. The Light and Love that is being sent this direction through the ethers is being received, felt and accepted in the Spirit of love right to our very cores. Thank you one and all. ALL really is ONE, don't ya know! It looks like we'll continue the newsletter for a while yet as some of you chose to subscribe for the first time or to renew early. I really don't know why we get bent out of shape running the "business" on a shoe string as we have never failed to get an issue out. Perhaps this is merely one of our tests from on high to see if we're dedicated enough to write down what seems important to us to relay to you. There are many beautiful crystals remaining which have been activated by the love energy in the pyramid. A rainy day activity for me has been mounting many of the smaller, single and double terminated ones and I've even gotten into bead work to create necklaces and earrings. If you would like to purchase a crystal which has either been mounted for a silver or gold necklace you may already have or one that I've created just let me know. The beaded necklaces start at $25.00 and vary in price according to the beads used and the size and power of the crystal. It is a perfect way to extend the pyramid grid and spread love and light far and wide. We also still have some unmounted crystals for healing and meditation purposes. They range in price from $20.00 to $75.00 so place your order and we will send you a guidance selected crystal full of the love vibration. Kortron says to tell you the need for your continued support is now great: "We have full intent to get this whole planet radiating in White Light. I Am Not, nor ever will be, the 'supreme leader' in any of this. My job, Dear Ones, is to get as many foundations of Light worldwide grounded and in place for the creation of Heaven on Earth. WON'T YOU JOIN US?" It seems that things are now motivating individuals to move into safer areas; these areas are now forming in density of Light which is being directed and now coming into these locations. These areas will eventually be fixed sources of beamed White light to create a much finer web of energy lines to change this planet to the DIVINE ESSENCE of WHITE LIGHT. Well, it's back to the garden for me, especially since it is now about half again bigger than last year. If you feel the need to grovel in the dirt, plant a few vegies or harvest and preserve some later on in the season, please feel free to come play here. There is plenty of organic matter to nurture and it certainly looks like the season is upon us. With Love in The Light, I am SolinUS ( Subscription and Log On Information ) We are pleased to send a "Love Copy" of the most current newsletter to anyone you think will be interested. Just pass your friend's name and address on to us and we will mail out the issue compliments of you. Back issues contain much information which is still relevant and may provide some clarity on subjects discussed in subsequent newsletters. Love donations (which should be made payable to Judith A. Wells) are greatly appreciated and go to Spirit's work to create Heaven on Earth. A subscription also entitles you to log-on the Spirit Bulletin Board Service, a computer/modem system with files on alternate energy, UFO/extraterrestrial happenings, political, scientific, medical information, the conspiracy and much more. The files are updated frequently and we encourage you to use and contribute to this "library at your fingertips". You may access this information 24 hours a day by calling 1-704-297-5973. For a year's subscription (six bimonthly issues) and user status on Spirit BBS please send $30.00 (USA) or $40.00 (all other countries) in check or money order (no cash please) made payable to: Judith A. Wells Route 2, Box 309B Vilas, NC 28692 (704) 297-2342 ** End of Newsletter **


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