[Note: The marching orders which follow which instruct self-proclaimed +quot;militia+quot;

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[Note: The marching orders which follow which instruct self-proclaimed "militia" extremists to conduct an armed attack on Washington was recalled just days before it was scheduled. Linda Thompson now admits that she had no intention of launching the attack. The most likely reason for this hoax was to get extremists around the country wound-up to the point where they would actually take their guns to Washington and "arrest" the government even though Thompson and her cult could later deny any involvement or culpability for what happens by demanding that they called it off. (It's a shame that some just didn't get the news, huh? - Fredric . Rice, The Skeptic Tank] Date: 18-Apr-94 04:07 From: Linda Thompson To: All Patriots Subj: AEN ALERT / MILITIA ALERT ! ********** AEN ALERT ********** IMPORTANT ********** AEN ALERT ********* *********** COPY AND FORWARD THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY *********** Every member of the United States House of Representatives and Senate are this week being delivered an ultimatum that demands that each of them personally take the initiative to revoke unconstitutional legislation and initiate an inquiry into Waco. A copy of the Ultimatum follows in the next message. All MILITIA units will convene in Washington, D.C. the second full week that the Congress is in session in September to enforce this mandate and to deliver copies of the Declaration of Independence to the White House. All units will be armed and prepared to enforce this mandate. This is exactly what it sounds like. **NOTE: MILITIA UNITS MUST WEAR IDENTIFYING INSIGNIA AND BE ARMED. If you are armed and wear a military insignia identifying you as a member of a military unit, if captured, you must be treated as a Prisoner of War, not as a criminal arrestee, by law. We have five months to get in shape and be prepared to restore this country's liberty. Mentally and physically, we must be ready, willing, and able, to do the job. I have personally signed the ultimatum to be delivered to Congress, as John Hancock said, in handwriting so large that the King cannot mistake my identity. No other persons are or will be identified, however, please feel free to copy and issue the ultimatum to Congress yourself. A copy of the ultimatum follows in the next message. Additionally, a signed Declaration of Independence will be delivered to the White House on the day the militia convenes in Washington, D.C. in September, very likely with millions of signatures. Below the initial 100 signers' names which are affixed on the original, we will attach every page of signatures obtained between now and September. Please circulate the Declaration of Independence and obtain signatures throughout the country through every means possible and return to AJF, 3850 S. Emerson Ave., Suite E, Indianapolis, IN 46203. We will be air-dropping this information throughout the country and distributing it through churches, gun shows, etc. All national media have been provided copies as well. Please distribute all pages of the Militia Alert, Ultimatum, and Declaration of Independence everywhere. Make thousands of copies. Put them out in grocery stores, wherever you can think of. More pilot volunteers, printers, and funding for the distribution of the Declaration of Independence are needed. Whether I am arrested or killed in the interim has no bearing on the preparations of the militia units, the ultimatum, or the Declaration of Independence throughout this country. Proceed as planned, plan accordingly, and God bless us all. Linda Thompson Acting Adjutant General UMUS, pursuant to 10 USC  311 Articles I and II, Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States of America Additional information and updates will be posted on the American Justice Federation voice mail line at 317-780-5200 beginning April 20, 1994. Leave a message if you can volunteer to help print these documents, fly planes to airdrop literature, get the information on radio or television, etc.


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