By: David Rice Re: In The News #2 LOS ANGELES (ITN) A minister who is set to become the ne

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By: David Rice Re: In The News #2 LOS ANGELES (ITN) * A minister who is set to become the next U.S. Senate chaplain was sued by a woman who claims he talked her out of an abortion after she became pregnant by a married church elder, then refused to counsel her after she attempted suicide. The lawsuit against the Rev. Lloyd Ogilvie was filed in Superior Court on Jan. 6, two weeks before Ogilvie was nominated to the chaplain's post by Majority Leader Bob Dole, the National Law Journal reported in today's editions. The nomination was confirmed by the full Senate last Tuesday, and the appointment is due to take effect March 15. Ogilvie denied wrongdoing in a CNN interview broadcast Sunday. "There's been no impropriety on my part. All I did was to see a woman who asked to come to my office for counseling," he said. Elisabeth Saret, 29, also sued Ogilvie's First Presbyterian Church in Hollywood and elder Clifford H. Woosley, whose child she had in February 1994. Saret claimed Ogilvie talked her out of having an abortion in 1993, and suggested that she let Woosley and his wife raise the child. After Saret attempted suicide, Ogilvie refused to counsel her further, the lawsuit contends. Saret had the baby on Feb. 1, 1994. Ogilvie said he talked to Saret for about an hour and hasn't seen her since. Saret worked in Woosley's law firm until mid-1994. She contended the affair began after he became her spiritual counselor when she started attending services at Ogilvie's church. The Law Journal also reported that Saret sued Woosley's law firm of Gilbert, Kelly, Crowley and Jennett for wrongful termination. The newspaper did not elaborate. Richard S. Rosenberg, an attorney representing the law firm, described the affair between Woosley and Saret as consensual and said Woosley was helping to support the child. Ogilvie is the author of nearly 50 books and the host of the nationally syndicated radio and TV program "Let God Love You." ___ * OFFLINE 1.58 * God Crime #14: "The innocent will be killed THEN tortured."


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