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Msg # 207 Kill/Sent Date: 22 May 93 17:15:00 From: Susan Naidoff Subj: NYC School Board results ____________________________________________________________________________ From THE OREGONIAN, Saturday, May 22, 1993 NEW YORK VOTERS PLEASE BOTH CHRISTIAN RIGHT AND PROGRESSIVES by Eleanor Randolf/LA Times-Washington Post Service NEW YORK - In what was billed as a "holy war" between the christian right and NY's progressives, both sides have found reason to declare victory this week now that most results are available in school board elections. Almost 3 weeks after New Yorkers turned out in record numbers to cast complicated ballots, the Board of Elections had determined winners last Friday for all but 18 of the 288 seats sought by 543 candidates. Although the BOE has not completed its tally, The Associated Press estimated that the christian coalition and the archdiocese elected 51 of 87 candidates whose positions were in line with their views, while progressives elected 50 of 84 candidates. "I'm encouraged," said Barbara Handman, director of the NY office of People for the American Way, which helped to build coalitions for progressive candidates. "First, we won. Second, the process worked. And thirdly, we can begin to map out what we're going to do in the next 4 years. The rev. Terry Twerell, Manhattan's christian coalition representative, called the results "an encouraging first step." Jeffrey Baran, executive director of the coalition led by the rev. Pat Robertson, said he believed that as many as half of the 130 candidates who supported what he called "pro-family issues" had won. The explosive issues debated in local school districts were whether schools should distribute condoms, how students should be advised about AIDS, whether prayer should be allowed, and whether young students should be taught tolerance of homosexuality. The question of whether young children should be advised about homosexuals was part of the "Children of the Rainbow" curriculum championed by Schools Chancellor Joseph Fernandez, whose firing earlier this year becomes effective next month. If the "Rainbow" curriculum energized parents who did not want their children to know about homosexuality, it also encouraged 5 open homosexuals to run for school board seats. Two in Manhattan, and 1 in Brooklyn were winners. Liberals had accused the religious right of backing "stealth" candidates expected to win easily because the turnout in this off-season election had never topped 9% of registered voters. Robertson's christian coalition and the roman catholic archdiocese of NY passed out about 500,000 voter guides on the weekend before the election to give voters an idea of which candidates supported which issues. * OLX 2.2 * The New Right is fundamentally wrong.


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