New Net Meeting Minutes 12 Nov 95 13:00:00 As most everyone in this general area knows by

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New Net Meeting Minutes 12 Nov 95 13:00:00 As most everyone in this general area knows by now, a meeting was held to discuss reworking the network topology just a bit to resolve finances, mail-flow technical difficulties, and timely coordination difficulties last Sunday, the 12'th. I asked for a meeting because I am personally very interested in finding a new HUB to suck off of as I'm calling long distance with a bill of some $147.00 a month, on average and I'm also looking for a HUB which provides ISDN connects. (On my 14.4KBts MODEM at home I get 1560 cps max. On ISDN at work I get 11,000 cps! I have to feed to a RAM disk, in fact, as my hard drives are too slow. I've had to turn down User's requests for echos due to the cost and ISDN to a local HUB would free me of that embarrassment. But I ramble...) Though I recieved many messages from network 102, 103, and 218 requesting that they be informed of what went on at the pizza place, network 218 was the only network represented beside myself -- alas I was the only net 102 node to show up. In fact there were 13 SysOps attending, three other humans (either spouse of friend) and two children in all. The meeting was held with short notice and I think that when the next step is taken, greater notice must be given. I got some messages telling me that people would have shown up had they been given more notice. 218/910 x/903 218/905 218/502 x/809 218/909 218/907 218/801 218/908 218/602 102/890 218/402 218/107 While I was taking roll call, I was _very_ surprised to learn that two of the SysOps attending had been excommunicated from network 218! (Their node numbers appear above as 'x' for the network.) Even though I'm not in net 218, I thought that us guys and gals in net 102 got to hear about all the happenings and goings-ons in the nets around us and an excommunication is very serious. 'Time was that the various nets around here would talk to each other and just kind of cover net happenings in round-about ways. Hell, net 103 used to show up in the local net 102 SoCal forum every now and then. Or perhaps I'm just not as connected as I used to be. It turns out that the guys exchanged mail with Jonathan Hart (which is 218/1001) and, though Jonathan won't discuss what was said, he excommunicated them, making everyone in net 218 wonder what's going on between these nodes and him. Perhaps that's why most of us guys and gals in net 102 never heard about it. Interesting stuff, of course, but not germain to the discussions that took place. I was just surprised because shits like Steve Winter are allowed to stay in the network, we all know about him, but two guys no one knows anything about get ejected for no known reason. The pizza place was far too noisy to have any kind of real discussions all among ourselves. We had to basically pair-off and yell at each other for an hour or two. What we all walked away with is a concensus that we need a new network which ties together the following cities: Arcadia (Where I was born!) Azusa (Where Azusa Pacific is) Baldwin Park (Where I grew up!) Bradbury Covina Diamnond Bar Duarte (Where my aunt Pam lives!) El Monte Glendora (Where I live) Hacienda Heights Industry Irwindale (Still no football stadium built yet) La Canada/Flintridge La Habra La Habra Heights La Puente Monrovia (Where I get my Sears appliances fixed) Montebello Monterey Park Pasadena Pomona Rosemead (Where my grandmother Rice lives!) San Gabriel San Mario Sierra Madre (Where I wiped-out a company van) Some San Dimas (Where my grandparents Riavic lives!) South Alhambra South El Monte Temple City West Covina Whittier This is a geographical fracture carving out the new network from a fairly small pocket which nonetheless contains many existing nodes. Most of the SysOps at these nodes are probably quite satisfied where they are but they'll find two or three benefits with the new network (such as a direct fractional T1 link from the new HUB to George Peace himself, ISDN 2B+D with 128KBTS BONDING links, and, for some nodes, an end to their current cost reduction plan.) We need to discuss which areas should be brought into the new network and which should remain where they are. Currently nodes within this area have been assigned into nets based upon something much like pot-luck. As old timers know, this wasn't always so. Net 102 and net 103 were pretty "clean" at one time as reguards to geographic topology and ZMU zone planning. When net 218 formed, things might have gotten a little fuzzy but what the hell, mail flow and phone cost are really the only things that matter. But over the last two years or so, things have gotten a bit sloppy. A couple proto-SysOps came to me something like a year ago looking for information on how to join FidoNet (I advertize the network from time to time in an acedemic publication -- copies of the article are available upon request!) After they gave up getting a response from anyone in net 102 empowered to assign node addresses, they found homes in net 218. This kind of stuff has led to a mishmash which isn't really bad, of course, unless toll telephone charges are incured for echo mail when they don't really need to be and SysOps join CRPs when they normally wouldn't have needed to. The formation of the new net would clean that up quite a bit. For most SysOps all it means is a change of address and a change of their AREAS.BBS and session passwords. For many of us, it would mean free echo mail. Another thing someone yelled out over the _four_ football games on the big-screen televisions at the pizza place was future expansion and the size of net 102 and 103. Eventually 102 will probably need to split and 103 will probably need to split sometime soon after. In fact, I'm curious whether anyone's keeping on eye on HUB usages and such, and whether anyone knows whether new HUBs need to be put in place in existing networks. Do Southern California network coordinators get together at noisy pizza places and yell at each other to discuss growth? }:-} Any way, that's basically what we talked about. We're all waiting to hear from Jeff Reese (our Regional coordinator, you know) to find out if he's going to make a decision on breaking up the existing nets into smaller, more manageable nets.


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