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By: Fredric Rice To: Marilyn Burge Re: SEND THE MORMONS BACK TO HADES WHICH WHICH THEY CAME! mb> I really have a hard time understanding this Mormon thing that mb> keeps cropping up in this conference. I can understand the mb> cultural disconnect one would go through living in "Mormon mb> country" if one weren't Mormon, or worse yet, if one were rablidly mb> anti-Mormon. But I have trouble understanding why having them mb> knock on your door is a big deal one way or the other. I have a great deal of hatred and disgust for Mormons who come knocking on the door. They have been told countless times that everyone in my household is far too well educated to believe in deity constructs and that, though we're all so honored to have them concern for our welfare, we're also greatly insulted that they could think we're as uneducated, ignorant, and superstitious as they are and would even be interested in listing to them rant on and on about their invisible friends. 'Course it's been a couple of years since the various cults ever sent representitives to my doorstep. Gee. Looks like perhaps even door-to-door deity salesmen can actually learn something if it's repeated often enough. Seriously, Mormons have always reminded me of "The Attack of the Body Snatchers." I hate to even slightly suggest that they're something less than human but they _have_ discarded a small measure of their humanity by adopting such an unbending, close-minded, illogical, mind-warping belief. Humans are the result of billions of years of evolutionary hit-and-miss and intelligence ranks right up their at the top as one of the best attributes for survival that living things have come up with. Mormons -- and fundies of all stripes -- cast that all aside, divesting themselves of their critical thinking facilities fr a vague, obviously false comfort. That they come to my door and try to sell me _their_ ignorance and lessening of humanity is a grave insult. Not fatal -- I wouldn't shoot them -- but it's enough of an insult to warrant turning the hose on them. --- * Origin: Pray to end abortion! Nothing fails like prayer. (1:102/890.666)


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