By: LARRY SITES To: RIC REMINGTON FR+gt;get to learn all about the magic underwear you'll

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By: LARRY SITES To: RIC REMINGTON FR>get to learn all about the magic underwear you'll some day FR>wear. RR>No. There isn't. I already wear the garments that are representative of RR>clothing that Adam and Eve wore when they left the Garden of Eden. The RR>nothing magical about them. Only blessings that we recieve from God. Oh, really? Is not the following a more accurate description of your undies than "representative" of A&E traveling clothes: THE GARMENT OF THE HOLY PRIESTHOOD 4 MARKS Every Mormon who "receives his Endowments" (including all Mormon Missionaries) is dressed by a temple worker in the "garment of the holy priesthood" which he is required to wear 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, until he is buried in it. It is removed only to bathe and change them, and for certain "public appearance" exceptions. Most of these have the appearance of old-fashioned "long johns". Closer examination reveals a pair of button-holes over the right breast sewn in the form of a square, reminding the Mormon of exactness and honor in living up to his temple vows. Over the left breast a pair of button-holes in the form of a compass, remind the Mormon that all truth may be circumscribed into one great whole, and that all appetites must be kept within certain bounds. One button-type hole over the navel, recalls the need of nourishment for body and soul, and an identical hole over the right knee, signifies that every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ. In the early Mormon Temple ceremonies some of the marks were cut into the garment with a small knife while on the patron's body, thus nicking his flesh and shedding his blood into the garment. See Leviticus 19:28, 21:5, Deuteronomy14:1, and Jeremiah 16:6. The same four marks are on the veil of the temple in much larger dimensions. The Temple Worker tells the patron, as he or she is being dressed in this garment, that "it will be a shield and a protection to you from the power of the destroyer until you have finished your work on the earth, so long as you are true and faithful to the covenants you make in the temple this day." The garment has thus become a magic talisman to the Temple patron, and is to be his source of protection from the power of Satan throughout his lifetime. The patron is instructed that, when the garment is worn out, he must cut the priesthood markings off of it and burn them. The garment then can be used for rags or any other purpose. Thus we see that the magical "power" is in the Priesthood markings. From the preface of the same computer text file: SYSOPS COMMENT ON THE MORMON TEMPLE CEREMONIES FILES The text for the following series was originally derived from a booklet written by the author, Chuck Sackett, an ex-LDS member. It was received by Computers for Christ #11 in machine-readable form, but in poor condition. Some sections appeared to be missing, and all of the text required extensive editing. NONE of the wording was changed in any way, except where there were obvious typographical, spelling, syntax or transmission errors. If anyone has a copy of the original booklet, I would appreciate you letting me know so that the missing sections can be added. ------------------------------ WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE? This text has been prepared to inform the general public, including most Mormons, and especially the Body of Christians, and to reveal to them of exactly what transpires during the secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies. Our purpose is not to ridicule, but to shed light on these hidden things of darkness. We sincerely believe that Mormons and non-Mormons alike cannot comprehend or accurately evaluate the complex Mormon gospel without knowing what actually transpires inside of the Temple, the place where the Keys of Knowledge necessary for exaltation are imparted to LDS Gods in embryo. We pray earnestly that this information will be especially helpful in encouraging Christians in their witness of the true Lord Jesus Christ to those lost in the deception and bondage to Mormonism. AUTHOR'S PREFACE This text contains the entire series of Mormon Temple ceremonies, called "Ordinances" and is 100% accurate in the essence of what is done, and very nearly 100% accurate in the exact wording of what is said. This is because this edition was transcribed from a tape recording made inside the Temple at the actual Endowment ceremony. Other ceremonies have been verified by comparing them with copies of Temple Worker Instruction Books. The tape recording of the Mormon Temple Endowment from which this text was transcribed was recorded in the Los Angeles Mormon Temple. The recording was made using a personal pocket size tape recorder carried by one of the patrons during Endowment presentation. The patron who made this recording entered the Temple using his own personal Temple Recommend and carried his own Temple Veil Worker's name tag and identification card during the ceremony. He was greeted by several Temple Worker acquaintances who obviously did not know of his excommunication from the Mormon Church, which had been at his own request several months earlier. One of the objectives of this foray was to test the well known Mormon claim of Divinely aided Temple security. Another objective was to provide and up-to-date and accurate text of the Endowment. (There have been many revisions to the Endowment text in the past ten years, some of them significant). Contrary to popular belief of Mormons, not one person in the Temple appeared the slightest bit spiritually or supernaturally alerted to the presence among them of one whom they classify as an "apostate" and a "son of perdition". As he departed, the patron was encouraged by a member of the Temple Presidency to return again soon. Peace, Larry ___ * WR # 398 * Is your life an instance or absence of good? --- FMail/386 0.98 * Origin: The Open Forum SD CA (619)284-2924 (1:202/212)


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