By: LARRY SITES To: ANDREW CONNER MG+gt; Where did the +quot;Hebrew Morality+quot; come fr

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By: LARRY SITES To: ANDREW CONNER MG> Where did the "Hebrew Morality" come from? MG> Try common sense. Its nto nice to take stuff from others. so we MG> write laws about them. No religion needed. AC> Dicipline is learned. So where AC>did the Hebrews learn it from? Bible based morality is nothing but a copy of preceding ethnic and religious virtues. William Sierichs, Jr. in the Jan-Feb 1995 issue of _The American Rationalist_ article, "The Pagan Origins of Biblical Morality" documents dozens of exact predecidents to Moses' commandments, Jesus' Beatitudes and other examples of biblical morality. When will you guys learn to quit trying to take credit for originating something that is a part of basic human nature, no gods required? Larry Sites JC's Fireman: Luke 12:49 ___


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