By: Cory Johnson Re: monotheism 1/3 +quot;One God+quot; is a Ritual Abuse Cult Should we b

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By: Cory Johnson Re: monotheism 1/3 "One God" is a Ritual Abuse Cult Should we be suprised when religious authorities get caught exploiting others for sex, money, or status? Those are not aberrations, but symptoms of the very core of monotheism. Mono-the-ism is Greek for single-god-doctrine. The main examples are Judaism, Chrisitianity, and Islam, which are all based on The Old Testament. Ritual Abuse So Widespread We Hardly Recognise It * Complusive body covering. Body shame possibly originated when people moved into cold or desert climates and invented clothes. That resulted in less mother-child skin contact and less breastfeeding, then clothing for status and a frenzied obsession with hidden skin. These addictions, obsessions, and fetishes reduce everyone's self-esteem, especially in their formative years and often permanently. They are imposed by one generation onto the next. The Adam and Eve myth describes and perpetuates the trauma of ignorance, clothing, and alienation. * Painful birth. A curse on women, according to The Old Testament, from which the wrathful, sexist male god (Yaweh/Jehovah/Allah). The pain is actually caused by hospitals, restrictive clothing, body shame, and other methods in use to control women's bodies and minds. * Circumcision. Performed by men who are ashamed of sexuality and take out their frustration on helpless baby boys. The men fear being displaced by stronger unmutilated sexual rivals coming up from the younger generation. * Clitoridectomy. An even more sadistic excision. Performed by women on girls in some very oppressive men-controlled cultures. Like the male maimers, the women don't want to be displaced in their social positions by younger, unimpaired rivals. Both kinds of mutilation are initiation rituals taken to horrible extremes, like very dangerous fraternity hazing. They consist of an older group torturing a younger group. They perpetuate revenge which is based on emotional insecurity. * Baptism. A Christian washing ritual based on the conviction that people basically displease god, supposedly because he has made them susceptible to getting dirty (sinning). Guilty Christians try to wash the filth off, but soon relapse, being imperfect creations of an incompetent god. * Prayer. Begging, based on feelings of inferiority and helplessness. Those praying usually assume a physical pose of passivity, guilty, and/or fear. * Confession and penance. More grovelling and self-flagellation. * Group worship. Orders for the faithful - who can't think for themselves. Mind-numbing mumbo jumbo. Rationalisations for guilty hypocrites. Fleecing the flock for a god who needs cash. * Punishment. Human rituals, ranging from beating toddlers to murdering muderers. These are god's orders in the scriptures. Punishment usually results in continuing cycles of sin-punishment-repentance-forgiveness-sin. (Healing love works much better than punishment. That's the conclusion of families and societies not addicted to punishment.) * Sacrifice. Monotheists are so scared of their god's punishemnt, they try to divert his rage onto someone or something else. And, dagnabbit, their god falls for it! When god gets EXTREMELY angry, only bloody murder will satisfy him. His blood lust was once so great, says The Old Testament, he killed every person on earth but Noah's family of 8. Such a fickle god is invented and worshipped by masochistic people seeking fatherly love. Those people still feel the childhood hurts inflicted by cruel, erratic, or absent father, if not by their whole patriarchal society. * Crucifixion sacrifice worship. The Christian-Islamic god was once so mad at everyone, he had to be appeased with the blood of his favourite offspring, Jesus. Christians, are still fixated on the cross used as the murder weapon. Isn't it sicko to make up such a god. * Communion. A cannibal ritual of eating Jesus's sacrificed body. * Wars of conquest and revenge. Bullies trying to prove that they're worthy, that they're the chosen people of a god who plays favourites. This ritual of war included hierarchies, clerical blessings, special attire, and the young being sacrificed by the old. * Celibacy. When practiced by horny people, amounts to ritual self-torture. Reluctant abstainers tend to slip into aggressive or self-destructive patterns (rape, promiscity). This ritual is based on self-hatred, body shame, clothing addiction, and patrilineal inheritance. The new force of monotheism, the most egotistical and bloodthirsty of the main world beliefs, has spent a few millenia expanding its land and wealth. It tries to exterminate or control all other people - "gentiles"/"pagans"/ "infidels". Monotheism's sects even feed on each other, as with Jewish-Chistian, Jewish- Moslem, Christian-Moslem wars, etc.. Some pagans (Latin for "peasants") are atheists. Some believe in natural, indigenous religions, such as Wicca. Adherants of nature religions generally worship the natural world. They see power in every part of the universe. We'e getting hip to conceited hierarchical religions. Empires are crumbling. The jig us up. We're realising that their rituals just make us feel like we're wicked. Religions Like Cancers Monotheism is characterised by: * Imperialism. Conquering and exploiting other nations as directed by god, without much guilt. The soldier-missionary team delivers the old one-two punch. * Amassing wealth. Exploitng people and natural resources for god's glory and short-term profit. Practiced most fervently by some selfish individualist who never learned to love properly. * Hierarchy. From most to least prestigious and powerful, it goes something like this: 1. god 2. angels 3. clergy (rabbis, priests, mullahs, etc.) 4. god's chosen race (the men, then the boys, lastly the women and girls) 5. other believers 6. non-believers 7. Cain's cursed descendants, believed by many to be the Black Africans 8. non-human animals 9. plants 10. lifeless matter Unlike monotheists, I understand everything is equal and beautiful. (author: Jack Mormon)


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