By: David Rice To: Drew Webber Re: ARK HOAX You asked Fredric Rice: DW+gt; For us ignorant

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By: David Rice To: Drew Webber Re: ARK HOAX You asked Fredric Rice: DW> For us ignorant people, can you explain how this Mithra DW> myth goes? He was a crucified Savior (one of 16 that predate the Jesus myth). Much of Christianity is based upon the Mythraic beliefs of the Roman military. From Paul Day: Mithras was one of the biggest at the time and the early Christians borrowed very heavily from his myths. Mithraism believed in the immortality of the soul, a future judgement, the resurrection of the dead and the second coming of Mithras himself who would then battle and defeat the principles of evil. He was born in a grotto, cave or stable, shepherds attended his birth and brought him gifts. Baptism and communion were important aspects of Mithraism. The Mithraic communion ritual involved the words: "He who shall not eat of my body nor drink of my blood so that he may be one with me and I with him shall not be saved." From Simon Ewins (partial list): Main entry: Ulansey, David. Title: The origins of the Mithraic mysteries : cosmology and salvation in the ancient world / David Ulansey. -- Imprint: New York : Oxford University Press, 1989. LCCN: 88029426 ISBN: 0195054024 (alk. paper) : $24.95 Main entry: Harris, Eve. Title: The oriental cults in Roman Britain / Eve and John R. Harris. -- Imprint: Leiden : E.J. Brill, 1965. Main entry: Vermaseren, Maarten Jozef. Title: Mithras : the secret god / by M.J. Vermaseren. ; [translated by Therese and Vincent Megan]. -- Imprint: London : Chatto and Windus, 1963. Main entry: Cumont, Franz Valery Marie, 1868-1947. Title: The mysteries of Mithra / by Franz Cumont ; translated from the second French edition by Thomas J. McCormack. -- Imprint: Chicago : The Open court publishing company ; London: Kegan Paul, Trench and Tr|bner, 1903. LCCN: 03018293 Main entry: Oxtoby, Willard Gurdon. Title: Ancient Iran and Zoroastrianism in Festschriften : an index / Willard Gurdon Oxtoby. -- Imprint: Waterloo, Ont. : Council on the Study of Religion, Executive Office, Waterloo Lutheran University ; Shiraz, Iran : Asia Institute of Pahlavi University, 1973. LCCN: 73084888 //r833 ISBN: 0889160074 : $5.00. 0889160082 Title: The "Mithras liturgy" / edited and translated by Marvin W. Meyer. -- Imprint: Missoula, Mont. : Published by Scholars Press for the Society of Biblical Literature, c1976. Collation: x, 27 p. ; 24 cm. -- LCCN: 76018288 //r882 ISBN: 0891301135 : $2.80 Main entry: International Congress of Mithraic Studies, 1st, Manchester University, 1971. Title: Mithraic studies; proceedings. John R. Hinnells, editor. Imint: [Manchester, Eng.] : Manchester University Press. ; [Totowa, N.J.] : Rowman and Littlefield, [1975] LCCN: 74007310 //r77 ISBN: 0874715571


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