By: J.J. Hitt Re: Elephant Head Update Hi All, Following up on the first message about the

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By: J.J. Hitt Re: Elephant Head Update Hi All, Following up on the first message about the milk-drinking Ganesha-statuettes in India, it now is official that The Netherlands, and I guess some other European countries too, have their own thirsty Ganesha-statuettes. Atricle follows: ==================================================================== Sat. september 23rd 1995. The Hague/New Delhi The Hindu Temple in The Hague has its own milkdrinking Ganesha-statuette, after it became known that in New Delhi the alledged miracle had occured. This accor- ding to Priest S. Randhani of the The Hague Temple 'Ram Mandir'. He made the news public on Fri. september 22nd 1995. A Milk-pack sits on the altair in the 'Sewa Dhaam' Temple in The Hague. A crowd of believers gathered around the statuette doesn't seem to mind. After all, they have just witnessed the 'milk-miracle' that makes believers around the world hold their breath. The 30 centimeters high, pink-colored image of the elephantheaded god, is deco- rated with orange-blossom. Temple-secretary B. Ramdas demonstrates the miracle as if it's some kind of magic trick. He hold a spoonfull of milk to the right- tusk and after some time the milk slowly dissappears ! At the foot of the mar- ble statuette a little splash of milk forms. Against all temple-regulations Priest P. Tewarie lifts up the statuette and shows its hollow inside. No trace of milk in there ! Not even some kind of vacuum-pump, that would explain the milk being sucked in. "God's miracles still didn't leave this world", Ramdas says triumphantly. "I have always been skeptic, but I've tried it three times, and every try was a hit. I see it as a confirmation of God's existance." The black bull Nandi, Shiva's means of transportation, started drinking milk on Thursday, september 21st 1995. De other statuettes (read: Gods) simply refuse. According to the Hindu community in The Hague, this prooves it cannot be a hoax. In India, Nepal, Singapore, Hong Kong, The United Kingdom and the United States statues of the Gods Shiva, Parvati and Ganesh started drinking milk too on Thursday, september 21st 1995. A old man thinks the miracle is a sign of Ganesh accepting the offered milk. "Our prayers were not in vain. The problems of this world, will slowly but surely dissolve." There is no doubt in his mind. "Nobody can get around this miracle". Even Mr. Tewarie has no doubts whatsoever. He says:"You have two kinds of people: Those that don't believe, and those that believe. We believe in it". End of article. =============================================================================== This article would be better of in the conference on the paranormal, you think ? Well, you know there's a lot of people that can tell you otherwise. In the old scriptures there was word of flying objects of all sorts and some people think the Gods mentioned were members of a civilization that is centuries ahead of ours. Some questions I would like to get some answers to: - Does anybody know of prophecies on Ganesh, Shiva and Parvati. And if so is it related in any way to these alledged miracles ? - Sai Baba seems to have said this will be the dawn of a age of miracles that will occur all over thee world. Any comments on that ? - Peter Jan Hagens, a TV-celebrity in the Netherlands has promised to investigate the matter, in order to find out if this is a hoax or not. I will try and keep you posted on this one ! - Can anybody tell me if there is some kind of 'Book of Revelations', in the Hindu religion ? Maybe some Nostradamus-fanatics will start roaming the prophecies for such a miracle as this ? - Any expert on the old Indian Scriptures around in this conference that can get a discussion worth while started !! GREETZ MOLLY ... File not found, I'll load something *I* think is interesting. --- TurboToss 0.95b+ * Origin: Het Klankbord, Haarlem, NL, +31-23-420988 (2:281/204) SEEN-BY: 102/2 138 435 752 837 890 943 1013 147/7 270/101 280/1 9 25 26 31 45 SEEN-BY: 280/115 135 333 378 396/1 @PATH: 30873/2 106/9788 888 449 2000 270/101 280/1 102/2 752 943


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