By: Fredric Rice To: Clint Micheau Re: Assumption lesson St: Local Greetings, Clint! I kno

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By: Fredric Rice To: Clint Micheau Re: Assumption lesson St: Local Greetings, Clint! I know you'll not be allowed to read all of this yet I thought that, since you offered such good statistics, I would at least make the attempt to put your numbers into the proper perspective. CM> Why do you think this country is heading the way it is. Trace back CM> some of the horrifying stats in this country and you'll find alot of CM> them that broke loose in 1962. The year they took prayer out of school. That's just plain silly, Clint. That was the same year that free milk was removed from the public school system as well. It was also the year that sun spot activity peacked during the typical 11 year solar cycle. No critically thinking individual would be so silly as to point at removing occult ritual invocation to deities as a cause; neither would they point at the removal of free milk as a cause. In fact, the causes are well known. The facts: o America was embroiled in an unpopular war which the youth of America understood as a political contrivance without there being a problem with the security of the nation. o The government lied to the American people. Youth lost faith _in_the_government_, tuned out the establishment, and dropped out. (What you don't mention is that the majority of these drop-outs were Christians or later became Christians.) o The youth of America demanded and recieved concessions on the lowering of standards, the removal of various topics (including a mandated second-language in many States,) fewer school days and fewer school hours, and a decline in school work to be taken home. What the critcally thinking individuals contemplate is how much worse society would be in the United States had ritual invocation to deities _remained_ in the public schools. The astounding ignorance and superstitions held by the populace in contemporary years would be that much worse. >> chuckle chuckle... ever heard "post hoc ergo propter hoc"? That's the >> most basic logical fallacy in the book: something that happens before >> something else caused the later occurrence. Prove it. cm> Birth rates for unwed girls 15-19 years old. No, he asked you to provide evidence for your claimed cause to effect. You are providing information about rise and increases, all the while ignoring the fact that the populations rise and that population density percentages rise. You typed it all in from a book which doesn't wish to give you the full facts due to a very obvious agenda. You offered no percentages which would have shown that there is a decline in many of the areas you offered. You offered a list contrived from numbers, not percentages. In fact, your masters get even more sneaky to support their agenda: ??> violent crimes:number of offenses ??> from 51 to 62 .17 million to .25 million ??> from 62 to 90 .25 million to 1.7 million The first value is 11 years. crimes per year: 2,272.7273 The second value is 28 years. crimes per year: (trend 63,616.) 60,714.286 So, according to your values, the trend for the 28 year duration should have had an additional 2,902 violent crimes. Look at that! After removing ritual invocation to deities in school, the number of violent crimes went DOWN by more than a single years-worth of instances! If it had never been snuck into the public schools, imagine how fewer violent crimes we would have had through history! ??> sexually transmitted desieses:Gonnereah ages 15-19 ??> 55-62 from 410-350 cases per 100,000 total population ??> from 62-83 from 350-1175 cases per 100,000 total population. First value 7 years. 50 cases a year. Second value 21 years. 55 cases a year. Wow! With the increase of the population density, we find a wopping average of 5 additional cases a year! Boy, that sure is impressive! Without educational information on sexually transmitted diseases being offered in the public schools, we should have expected the number of cases to rise in percentage of the populace in accord to _density_. The same people who created your numbers are those who wish to remove sex information from the public schools -- they would wish to allow the number of sexually transmitted diseases to match population density rate increases. cm> I have more stats on SAT scores, pregnencies to under cm> 15 year old girls, divorce rates, STDS in general,etc. All of which are as invalid as the previous. The facts are, your masters numbers are contrived to make it appear as though ritual invocation to the Christanic pantheon of deities is good for the nation. All you need to do it take out your calculator and ___think___ a little bit about what you have been told to believe. The facts also are that everything pretty much remains the same -- only the astounding lack of educational quality continues to increase. What is also a fact is that occult mysticism -- had it remained in the schools -- would have compounded the problem even more. cm> If you can't see that the world is going to hell cm> in a handbasket then your not out in the world to much. You can't see that your figures are contrived. You also can't show a connection with your contrived numbers to the removal of ritual superstition in the public schools. Debunked.


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