Today: Mexico. Tomorow: Canada! Commentary upon curious characters by a curious character

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Today: Mexico. Tomorow: Canada! Commentary upon curious characters by a curious character Here's a fun-loving group of right-wing Christian racists that I'm sure you're going to love! Quite impressively, they call themselves "The National Alliance of Christian Militia." Their claimed goal for next Feburary? To send a quarter of a million wide-eyed drunken fools to the United States / Mexico border to "stop drug traffic" -- can you gimme ah amen?! -- even if they have to "shoot whoever it takes." Today is 25/Sep/95, at 16:00. On KFI AM 640 Los Angeles, the "Ken and Bob" radio show has "True Christian Patriot, All Around Hero, and Savior of America!" Dean Compton on the air to talk about his little war with Mexico. Using the still workable rhetoric of "stopping drugs," these unsalted mixed nuts ironically end-up using the same public hysteria about drugs that they accuse the U. S. government of using as an excuse to violate the civil and Constitutional rights of its citizens. Most of the rhetoric coming from supporters of these lunatics focus upon economics rather than brown skin -- at least publically. Of major stated concern is the amount of free medical care illegal aliens recieve and the adverse impact it has on the medical care which citizens recieve. Due to heavy lay-offs and threatened closures of clinics, hospitals, and emergency room wards in Southern California, people are coming more and more to the conclusion that to solve the nation's financial woes only takes getting rid of all illegals. The ruse of "drug interdiction" because "the government isn't doing its job" is really an excuse for a few lunatics to wind-up a few pretend G. I. Joes into showing up on the border with their guns while wondering why no one else showed up. Linda Thompson did the same thing when she issued a letter calling for an armed march on Washington -- only to call it off at the last moment, probably with the hopes that the truely clueless would go ahead with it. Though the financial concerns are at least justified, running off to the border with a gun to "defend the country" against the "illegal invasion" seems less honest than admitting that what motivates these clowns is scapegoatism, xenophobia, and the ever-popular "I just wanna shoot somebody." Personally, I would _love_ to see 250,000 right-wing religious zealots show up at the border with their guns. Let the National Guard solve America's biggest problem. Fredric L. Rice The Skeptic Tank 1:102/890.0 (818) 335-9601


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