By: Coridon Henshaw Re: Actions by fringe lawyers. Urgent Action: Linda Thompson Bodyguard

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By: Coridon Henshaw Re: Actions by fringe lawyers... Urgent Action: Linda Thompson Bodyguard Arrested by Killer Cops Date: Wed, 13 Sep 95 17:31 EST From: (Linda Thompson, American Justice Federation) URGENT! BEN MOORE JAILED BY COPS WHO BEAT JOE LOVE TO DEATH HELP!! WE MUST GET BEN OUT OF JAIL BEFORE HE IS KILLED. PLEASE WIRE MONEY *RIGHT NOW* BY WESTERN UNION. YOU ONLY NEED TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE PERSON TO SEND IT TO IN ORDER TO SEND MONEY BY WIRE. NO OTHER INFO IS REQUIRED. WIRE TO: LINDA THOMPSON (Indianapolis, Indiana). I AM REPRESENTING BEN MOORE AND HE IS IN JAIL. ANY MONEY RECEIVED TO LINDA THOMPSON AT WESTERN UNION WILL GO TO BEN MOORE, *NOT* ATTORNEY FEES. Ben Moore was put in jail today, supposedly for "non-payment of child support," the same jail where Joe Love was killed, taken by the same officers who killed Joe Love, the same jail where Ben was with me when the deputies pulled guns on us, intending to kill me -- to which he is a witness. The witness to the police throwing me into a wall is the man that was kidnapped. Witnesses don't seem to fair too well here. Ben's "contempt of court" hearing was scheduled, just coincidentally, this morning, 30 minutes after my hearing on the charge of "failure to turn in gun permit." In the lobby, before my hearing, with two of my sons and Al, we were passed by Jeff Dunn in the lobby. Jeff Dunn is the cop who threw me into a wall. As he passed us by, he said, "How's your dog?" (Our dog was killed in our back yard several months ago. We had an autopsy done that showed she had twelve balls of suet in her stomach and a high level of cafeine in her blood. The yard has a six foot wooden fence around it and she was one of those non-barking, quiet, friendly dogs.) In my hearing this morning, the judge was a pro tem (an attorney filling in) and he said I had to go downstairs with the deputies to be "processed" (fingerprinted) -- this was on a hearing I could have not gone to at all by simply filing a waiver, but I needed to file motions so I appeared in person. The issue of having to be "processed" was totally bogus. The pro tem, however, agreed to defer this "processing" (fingerprinting and photo, in the custody of the deputies) until my pre-trial hearing on October 11. Phil Bremmen, the ass from Channel 6 WRTV was there with a cameraman to do another "crazy woman with gun at the metal detectors in the courthouse" story (they always film me coming into the court and tell what the charges are but they never cover when we beat them). Afterwards, Bremen went downstairs, ahead of us to the basement courtroom, to Ben's hearing -- showing PLAINLY that Channel 6 knew in advance of this "child support" hearing. How? And why should they give a damn? Ben is not a public figure of any sort, but they are, once again, using this to generate as much negative publicity as possible around me, and now, Ben. Just coincidentally, Ben Then we get to the court and there are several Marion County Deputies in a break room off the courtroom. As soon as we get their, I see a bailiff notice us and then go to a desk and take a gun and two pairs of handcuffs from a drawer and put them on his belt. When we go into the courtroom, the deputies who had been in the break room, hover outside the door to the judge's entrance, peering in through the window, obviously there waiting (they do not normally work in that area). As we get into the courtroom, the clerk next to the judge sees us and turns to the judge and says, "They're here." She then goes out of the room to the side room where the deputies are. We were in a room with about 50 other people and a lot of other cases, but this clerk tells the judge when *we* come in. The deputies flock around the windowed doorway off to the side of the judge's bench. The judge over rules every motion, every filing. The state produces the ex-wife who contradicts herself several times and the kicker, the state, over continuous objection, introduces a NEWSPAPER STORY OF THE NIGHT GUNS WERE PULLED ON BEN AND I IN THE JAIL as "proof" that he has income because the newspaper story says he is a detective. Now, realize, that a newspaper story, written by someone else who wasn't in the courtroom, is being offered into evidence as proof that Ben works, by having the wife say she cut the newspaper story out because it says Ben is employed as a detective, so that's "proof" he could pay more child support than he has paid!! The judge let this "evidence" in! That was the *ONLY* evidence, other than the wife saying "he doesn't pay regularly" and a court record showing he had been paying as he got money but was in arrears. The court took a recess. We left the room, the deputies went back in the break room (even though the room was still full of people), once again demonstrating that they were there for one purpose -- Ben. This was totally, completely, 100% rigged -- they intended to put Ben in jail today, and they did. The deputies were standing behind him with handcuffs. I can't stress how serious the situation is here -- this was absolutely nothing but political retaliation, all because Ben knows me, so the prosecutor here gets another "Linda Thompson" story for the news tonight -- while there is still no grand jury investigation into Joe Love's death. Also, the judge who disqualified herself in my case, then still issued two orders to "appear" and threatened to issue a bench warrant, today filed a complaint with the bar for my not showing up for those illegally issued hearings (though I did send counsel). This was after we had proof that the court had completely rigged the "competency" issue by setting up doctors in advance of the first hearing with the judge, after illegally -- which the judge has now admitted, IN WRITING, to the Supreme Court -- getting both my case put in front of the same judge. They're trying to destroy us here and we need your help. I haven't ever asked for help before and it isn't easy, but if those of us who have been "out front" in this thing can't count on any help, they will destroy us and you're next. It takes $2500 cash to get him out and we haven't got it. If he stays there, he will be killed. PLEASE HELP!!!! Linda Thompson American Justice Federation Home of AEN News and "Waco, the Big Lie" "America Under Siege" 3850 S. Emerson Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203 Telephone: (317) 780-5200 Fax: (317) 780-5209 Internet: "When even one American -- who has done nothing wrong -- is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril." 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